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Fabulous Finds Friday!

Ok, this is gonna be short and sweet since I not only forgot that it was Friday, but my work "techie" (ha, some techie) has completely ERASED MY SCHEDULER! Yes, I am rebuilding my offices schedule hour by hour, day by day, client by client from last Thursday to the end of December. So needless to say, today's FFF post will be pathetic. I apologize. I promise to do better next week, barring any schedule failures. For my WVMP friends out there, I'm thinking about the #intheshower scene to keep myself upbeat! :) ~B

SOMETIMES IT HAPPENS by Lauren Barnholdt
THE UNBECOMING OF MARA DYER (ARC) by Michelle Hodkin (courtesy of Kimberly)

Monday, September 26, 2011

REVIEW- Bridge by Jeri Smith-Ready (short story in Enthralled)

You can view a synopsis of Enthralled via Goodreads by clicking on the title.

As soon as Enthralled hit my hands, I quickly turned to page 233. I’ve been longing to read Bridge, written in Logan Keeley’s point of view by Jeri Smith-Ready. You definitely should recognize his awesome, swoon-worthy character from Jeri’s Shade Series. (Pay attention, because there is a reason why Bridge started on page 233).

My stomach was in knots as soon as I read the title... Bridge. I was recommended by some of the #TeamKilt members who were able to read Bridge before it's release to have my kleenex ready. The tears started pouring from the corner of my eyes as soon as I read the second paragraph, last sentence. And from there, I read on in anticipation and sobbed… “Don’t Leave Me.” Oh Logan! *clutches chest* Bridge is beautifully written and is a short story about Logan trying to connect with and apologize to his older brother, Micky. I cried for Logan and his longing. I cried for Micky who is suffering over the loss of his brother and the blame he burdens himself with. Jeri introduces us to a new character, Krista, who helps Logan try to redeem himself with his brother and for Micky to have closure. She’s another character to love and to be thankful for, and to me, she is a heroin.

The day after reading Bridge, my husband was generous enough to read it to me. I closed my eyes and envisioned every word of Logan’s story. I embraced his story even more. Jeri makes it simple for her reader’s to visualize her writings… it’s why I love her work so much.

If you haven’t checked out the stunning lyrics to Logan’s Forever, do it now. Enthralled has sentimental value to me, not only because of Logan’s beautiful story, but because I have special inscriptions from both Jeri and Logan.

I give Bridge 5 beautiful, lingering stars that I’ll hold dear to my heart, forever.

Note to self: You have a green Keeley Bros. T-shirt, but must purchase yourself an army green one!


I (Britney) agree with EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. that Kimberly wrote about BRIDGE. I cried, I sobbed, I whimpered like a little baby. This story is where you really see Logan bloom and you really feel the pain of his loss (from his perspective). It was so touching, and Jeri, damn that girl can bring it! I developed a new respect for Logan, and my heart really ached for him. I totally back Kimberly's 5 stars!
Note to MYself: Need Keeley Bros T-shirts. Black 1st, then green, army green.... :)


REVIEW- Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Ready

You can read the synopsis on Wicked Game via Goodreads by clicking the title.

While Britney has ventured in the adult world with reading, Wicked Game was the first adult read for me (Kimberly) and clearly, I’ve been missing out! Britney and I didn’t think Jeri Smith-Ready could amaze us more than what she already has. But, we were wrong… DEAD WRONG! We are huge fans of JSR folks…. HUGE! We are completely obsessed with her young adult series (Shade series) and then Britney and I were whipped into Jeri’s adult WVMP Radio world. And wow… just WOW! We’ve quickly added her Aspect of Crow series and Requiem for the Devil to our “To Be Read” list. I’m going to have to create a special bookshelf just for all of her fabulous work!

Wicked Game is the first book in the WVMP Radio series. Ciara (Kee-ahr-ah) is hired as a marketing intern for WVMP Radio and finds out what’s behind the walls and what lies underneath the radio station... Vampire radio DJ’s peeps! How hot is that?!? And this one vampire, Shane McAllister (Mick-Allister) is one HAWT thigh-biting vampire and so, so compassionate… I mean really! Somebody, I’m sweating- ice me down, quick! We learn about Ciara's history as well.

The author’s playlist while writing this book is superb. You can find it on the inside of the cover. Britney and I totally dig her selection. Although hip-hop wasn’t a part of the book’s playlist, I couldn’t help but listen to Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” lyrics after reading about Shane (and I'm a total rocker chick BTW).

Britney and I loved that each vampire is set in their own era and only DJ’s the music from their time. Wonder if they'll ever venture outside their music realm? Not only that, but they are all OCD—it gives us the giggles! There are rad choices of music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Check out the WVMP Radio website where you can find out more info about the DJ's.

The storyline behind WG is grand and Jeri can never give us just one sizzling character to gush over. David is the manager of the station. He's mortal - AND is on fi-yah and he needs love! *Dives in book* He keeps the radio station together and is so passionate about protecting what lies within its walls. Can Ciara help him keep the vampire DJ's from fading?

Thank the vampire lords Bad to the Bone and Bring on the Night are already released so we can read on. Jeri has a novella on her website, Let It Bleed- and has been posting chapters (almost complete!), along with more tie in short stories (Crossroads, Rave On, When the Music's Over, Last Request) You can purchase"Thief" in Eternal: Love Stories With Bite, a YA anthology about one of Ciara's Traveller cousins. Lust for Life, the final book in the WVMP Radio series is due out Fall 2012.

You definately want to sink your teeth and eyes into the WVMP Radio series! Britney and I give Wicked Game 5 thigh-biting stars!

Don’t forget to sign up for the WVMP Series Read Along that Living-Fictitiously is hosting along with Fictitious Delicious, Many to Read Before I Sleep, and What’s On the Bookshelf. Deadline to sign up is Sept. 28, 2011. We have fabulous events in stow.

Written and reviewed by Kimberly
Approved and reviewed by Britney

REVIEW: HADES (HALO #2) by Alexandra Adornetto

Synopsis available on Goodreads.

My thoughts:

I re-read Halo just before picking up Hades which helped me to remember exactly where I was in the story. I have to say, the pace of Hades way much more to my liking than Halo. I felt like all the explanation of the angels' background and nature, etc. really bogged down the first part of Halo, that information was not necessary for the follow-up so the story really took off rather quickly.

The majority of Hades takes place, well, in Hades. Jake has kidnapped Bethany and is holding her in Hell. I was actually really intrigued by Adornetto's interpretation of Hell. She took Dante's image of Purgatory and added her own twist to it. It definitely kept things interesting.

And as for characters, I was really happy with the growth of Bethany's character. She really took control a lot more than she did in Halo and even her human personality was more developed. Even Xavier's and Gabriel's personalities was revealed more extensively. And Gabriel is by far my favorite. Then there's Jake. Now Jake really trips me up. I still can't really figure him out, and I really wanted him to be more developed. We see a lot more of his character, but I was still left wanting more.

Overall, I really liked this one. It did not seem to be as stereotypical as Halo.

3 1/2 stars


Thursday, September 22, 2011


Synopsis (from Goodreads):

When alchemist Sydney is ordered into hiding to protect the life of Moroi princess Jill Dragomir, the last place she expects to be sent is a human private school in Palm Springs, California. But at their new school, the drama is only just beginning.

My thoughts:

Well, Richelle Mead has hit another one out of the park. I was concerned that Bloodlines was not going to live up to the VA series and that changing narrators was going to cause some problems for me. Sydney's voice was clearly different from Rose's, so it was easy to differentiate and connect with her. And it was amazing to see Rose from someone else's perspective, even though it took some adjusting to viewing Rose's character this way. It was a good thing! Rose is so strong and defiant in a very open and physical way, and Sydney is, well, she's different from Rose.

Bloodlines takes place a month after the events in Last Sacrifice. So those events are still fresh on all the characters' minds. It helps to have read the VA series, but it is not a requirement. However, I strongly suggest you do read it because it is wonderful and will help you catch on to some aspects of the story sooner than you might if you have not read it.

There are old and new characters and, because of the change in narrator, we get a look at a whole new side of the game. Getting inside Sydney's head was such a relief. I was always curious about what she was thinking and why she acted the way she did in certain situations. To finally get "behind the scenes" so to speak was really intriguing. I learned some very surprising things about her and about the Alchemists. It was fascinating.

Jill and Eddie are also back, and we get to see a lot more of both of them. They both play a more central role in Bloodlines than they did in VA, and the insight to their characters is fantastic. Both of their lives changed dramatically through the events in VA and now we get to see those effects.

Then there's Adrian. Yes, Adrian is back! (And lets face it, I'm a totally Adrian lover!) He provides several surprises, and Mead slowly peels away layers of Adrian that give readers little glimpse of what he could become. To me, Adrian is the most fascinating character, so I am really looking forward to how his character and story unfold.

Overall, I was so happy with the way Bloodlines turned out. I cannot wait for the next installment The Golden Lily.

5 stars


REVIEW: HALO by Alexandra Adornetto


An angel is sent to earth on a mission. But falling in love is not part of the plan.

Three angels --- Gabriel, the warrior; Ive, the healer; and Bethany, the youngest and most human --- are sent by Heaven to bring good to a world falling under the influence of darkness. They work hard to conceal their luminous glow, superhuman powers, and, most dangerous of all, their wings, all the while avoiding all human attachments.

Then Bethany meets Xavier Woods, and neither of them is able to resist the attraction between them. Gabriel and Ivy do everything in their power to intervene, but the bond between Xavier and Bethany seems too strong.

The angels' mission is urgent, and dark forces are threatening. Will love ruin Bethany or save her?

My thoughts:

Let me start with the fact that I absolutely love this cover. The background colors are amazing and the silhouettes are striking. I usually do not like full-body shot covers, but it works so well here.

It took me a little while to get into this story. The first part of the book is very focused on the angels' adaptation and adjustment to human life. However, the descriptions of these adaptations, while drawn out, are excellent. Adornetto beautifully describes the newness of limbs, textures, colors, material things, even smiling.

Angel stories have become pretty popular recently, and Halo seemed like a fairly typical one to me. There are the good angels, doing good deeds, with a concern about falling from grace. Then enters the bad guy and chaos ensues. Good counteracts bad and eventually battles evil.

The love story is beautiful and is the main focus of the majority of the story. I wished that Bethany was a more independent character, although her innocence is an integral part of the book's development. And at times the "doting" from Xavier was a little heavy for my taste.

Overall, I did enjoy Halo, and I really look forward to seeing what becomes of the characters throughout the series.

3 stars

~ Britney

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday

This was a good week! I received some some great prizes I had won and made some fabulous finds at the Books-a-Million store that is closing its doors down the road. ~Britney

HUNGER GAMES poster and hoodie from Paramount Pacific (won from THE HOB)
WILDFIRE by Karsten Knight (won from Hooked to Books)
6 e-books from T. R. Graves (won during the YA Scramble hosted by Cyndi Tefft)

  • Hide by Patti Larsen

  • Eternal Eden & Fallen Eden by Nicole Williams

  • Between by Cyndi Tefft

  • Breathe by Abbi Glines

  • Warriors of the Cross by T.R. Graves


  • THE SLAYER CHRONICLES: FIRST KILL (autographed) by Heather Brewer

  • CHOKER by Elizabeth Woods

  • AFTER by Amy Efaw

  • PAPER TOWNS by John Green

  • THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson

Monday, September 19, 2011

REVIEW + GIVEAWAY - The Keepers by Monique O'Connor James

You can view the synopsis of The Keepers, via Goodreads, by clicking on the title.
I am honored to do a review for my friend and my mentor, Monique O’Connor James.  Monique is an indie author and her first published book, The Keepers was released in June 2011.
The Keepers is a YA crossover- meaning it’s classified as “adult” but it appeals to the YA as well.
Her lovely story had me an emotional basket case! And the cover... is gor-geeous! It is a story, many who’ve suffered with loss, can relate to. A story that you can get lost in. A story that lures you, from Chapter One, to the end. 
The Keepers was written in third person. The flow of the story is impeccable. The author gives such vivid details in her debut paranormal romance novel and offers the reader, a story that will stick with them, for days.
Jess is a lost soul. She’s lost her faith in God and fled to New Orleans, to escape her many losses, back home. She’s seen the guardians, all her life, but she ignored them. Justin loathes humanity, but he is intrigued by Jess. He wants to protect her from the demons that try and claim her. Guardians are not supposed to fall in love with their guarded. Could he be the key, for Jess to restore her faith?
I was extremely sympathetic towards Jess. She’d suffered more loss than one person could handle. I longed for her and Justin to be together and found the humor in their bickering; they’d fought like an old married couple. Justin is definitely a character you could embrace yourself in to. What girl wouldn’t want to pet a HAWT angel’s wings?  Vi, was my favorite character; she was full of exuberance and a blessing that Jess needed in her life. Rory, Justin’s brother possessed so much loyalty to his counterpart.  Although I adored most of the cast, the villain in the story was so real, I couldn’t help but hate him!
The Keepers will be marked on my “read list” as a favorite and boasts 5 "Who Dat" stars ! Can’t wait for the second book, The Watchers.
Be on the look out for Jamais Vu, a new series by Monique (my favorite #justsayin), releasing in October. (Just pitching it out there!)
The setting of The Keepers is in New Orleans, LA. If you’ve been to NOLA, tell Britney and I what was your favorite attraction and why. If you haven’t been to NOLA, tell us why you’d like to go! Please leave your email address so winner can be contacted. Chosen winner will receive a PDF copy of The Keepers and some swag! Giveaway ends September 30, noon CST.
Although it isn’t necessary to win the giveaway, it’s always nice to gain followers- being we are a new blog. So, please follow our blog and follow us on Twitter @Kimberdee @BritneyWyatt. I’m sure Monique would appreciate a follow as well ;) @mjames13 – I may be biased, but she is pretty fabulous!

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Fabulous Finds Friday

This Friday is truly FABULOUS! I have had a wonderful week (well bookwise). Some of you may have heard about my (very embarrasing) fall down the stairs at work. I'm ok and recovering. And the fabulous books that have piled up for me this week have helped. So without further ado, I give you my Fabulous Finds of this week: ~Britney

Finally, my WVMP series by Jeri Smith-Ready arrived this week. (Wicked Game, Bad to the Bone, and Bring on the Night)

Some of my own purchases for this week include: Bloodlines by Richelle Mead, Hades by Alexandra Adornetto, Vanish by Sophie Jordan, and Sirensong by Jenna Black.

A ARC book bundle that I won from Manga Maniac Cafe that included: Jenna & Jonah's Fauxmance by Emily Franklin and Brenda Halpin, Flawless by Lara Chapman, Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker, and Between by Jessica Warman.

The Fox Inheritance by Mary E. Pearson courtesy of McMillian Children's Publishing group for the ARC copy.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Top Twenty-Two Tuesday: Favorite Fictional Young Adult Boys

As you gather by now from our blog heading, Britney and I love escaping into a fictional world. And what better way to do it than be accompanied by our favorite top twenty-two boys (to date) - *SWOONS*
Boys Kimberly and Britney agree to have as their book boyfriends:
1)      Zachary Moore from Shade and Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready:  A compassionate, totally gorgeous, Scottish, pre-shifter, kilt wearing Lad. Our hearts thump out of our chests (because he’s known to posses your heart) by just mentioning his name!
2)      Adam Wilde from If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman: Rockstar and front man for Shooting Star. He is one of our favorite boys to obsess over.  He and his lyrics melt our hearts.  Lots of tears were shed over this one. *Grabs Kleenex just thinking about him*.
3)      Logan Keeley from Shade and Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready: He’s a swoon-worthy, rocking, kick-ass ghost who’s hard to let go. He really captured our hearts in Shift. *Oh geez, grabs another Kleenex* *sniffles*
4)      Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare:  A snarky, charismatic, beautiful, british bad-ass shadow hunter who is blonde with gold eyes, long eyelashes, and a chiseled face. MMM, MMM! *THUD*
5)      Adrian Ivashkov from Vampire Academy Series and Bloodlines by Richelle Mead: He’s royal Moroi and a vampire with green eyes; is overconfident and flirtatious. But we quickly discover his charming and courteous side. We wouldn’t mind being his little dhampirs!!
6)      Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins: He’s our favorite District 12, blue-eyed, blonde headed loverboy who I’m sure bakes the best bread ever! And, he’ll fight for you!!
7)      Patch Cipriano from The Hush Hush Saga by Becca Fitzpatrick: What an ab-tastic angel… hello! He was fallen, now a guardian angel. Everything about him is dark… his hair, his eyes, his personality, which leaves him mysteriously charming. We want to eat him like a peppermint!!
8)      Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare:  Black hair and blue eyes? Why yes! He’s tough and is a Welsh shadow hunter from the 19th century. He’s quite the charmer and possesses a bit of a “jerk” mentality. We can’t wait to discover his softer side.
9)      Daniel Grigori from Fallen Series by Lauren Kate: A handsome blonde, grey-eyed, intriguing fallen angel who believes he’s cursed. Yo Daniel, be uh, an angel and envelop us with those white wings of yours ;)
10)   Seth Morgan from Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr: A totally rad, artistic, passionate, sexy dude who sips on tea and is covered in tattoos and body piercings. Now that is hawt!! Where’s the extinguisher? Cause we on fire!!
11)   James Stark from The House of Night Series by P.C. and Kristin Cast: A vampire who has some mad archery skills and enrolled at The House of Night. He’s known to cast you a cocky smile and rocks a hot bod. *Runs fingers through his hair*
12)   Heath Luck from the House of Night Series by P.C. and Kristin Cast: The mortal boyfriend of Zoey Redbird who is a total quarterback babe. Dude, really… if we were vamps, we’d totally imprint you!
Boys Britney swoons over:
13)   Alex Fuentes from Perfect Chemistry Series by Simone Elkeles: A bad-boy gangbanger with an attitude.  But deep down he's a truly good guy who just wants to protect his family and the girl he loves. (And all the girls sigh)
14)   Parker Whalen from Cross My Heart by Katie Klein: A mysterious, aloof, leather-jacket-wearing, motorcycle riding, bad-boy with a penchant for literature and a deep, dark secret. Intriguing and alluring.
15)   Luc Cain from Personal Demons and Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers: Demon turned mortal with major baggage and plenty of charm. He will set your heart racing and begging for more.
16)   Jay Heaton from The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting: Best friend turned boyfriend that every girl wants. He's attentive, sweet, lovable, and totally loyal.
17)   Sam Roth from The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series by Maggie Stiefvater: My favorite, faithful, casual werewolf, turned human. He plays guitar, loves to listen to and compose music and reads. I want to gaze into those yellow eyes of his and tell him his suffering is over.
18)   Ren Laroche from Nightshade and Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer:  A hostile, seductive werewolf who is the alpha of the Bane wolfpack.

Boys Kimberly swoons over:

19)   Benjamin “Jack” Force from The Blue Blood Series by Melissa de la Cruz: He was Abaddon, Angel of Destruction, fallen and became a blue blood vampire.  His hair is platinum blonde and he has green eyes you could get lost in. I’ve signed up to be his donor!!
20)   Edward Cullen from Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer: Good ole’ Edward was my first book boy crush. I had it for him bad. If he could hear my thoughts…. he’d definitely be stunned! I mean, what’s not to love about a striking, compassionate vampire who only feeds off animals. I’m most certain I’d turn into a mountain lion just so he could sink his teeth into me!
21)   Robert Bellegarde from Grace Series by S.L. Naeole: A breath-taking, heavenly, kindhearted angel who had flaws, but was perfect in my eyes. He was truly a magnificent character. When the time comes, he’s definitely the angel I’d want to carry me to heaven.
22)   Noah Shaw from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin: I had the opportunity to read about Noah from an ARC I won. Three words- – Read the book to find out why!! Oh, and he’s british!
*** We only used links on the authors of the characters and books mentioned. If you have any questions, please ask us in the comments and we'll give you the answer you're looking for!
Kimberly & Britney

The Hob is having a Blogiversary

Good Morning all! Now, I know we have some HUNGER GAMES fans out there, and Kimberly and I are HUGE fans as well. With the movie currently in production with a release date of March 2012, the suspense is even higher. THE HOB is a Hunger Games fansite that is, well frankly, just amazing. I love it, and they always have up to date information, Fan Made Fridays, and much more. Right now they are celebrating their 1st Blogiversary with some fabulous giveaways. (I happen to have won the Cinna giveaway!!) So go check them out, get signed up for some prizes (today is an Effie giveaway), and help spread the word about this great group of ladies. And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!

Find The Hob:


Monday, September 12, 2011

REVIEW - Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

You can view the synopsis for Forever by Maggie Stiefvater (via Goodreads) by clicking on the title.

Sigh…. This was a toughie for me to review.
I loved Shiver and Linger. I read them back to back and they were my first books to read solely about werewolves and I loved escaping into Maggie’s world. After reading Linger and the cliffhanger it ended with, I quickly anticipated Forever, knowing it was the last book in The Wolves of Mercy Falls series. I couldn’t wait to see how Sam and Grace handled their reversed roles and to find out if they lived happily ever after. They exchanged a deep, true love and I longed for them to be together.
When I finally got the book in my hands, I cracked that baby open with delight to put my anticipation at rest. It kills me to say this, but in my opinion, it was unexpectedly a bit lurking. I feel that Maggie was so talented in her storylines for the first two books that this one slightly lacked. With that said, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like Forever, I really did. I was just expecting to love it. As I was reading, I contemplated back and forth between a 3 or 4 star rating.
Forever was told in four point of views: The main characters Sam and Grace, and the secondary characters, Cole and Isabel. The author did a fantastic job with the character POVs and with the flow of the story.
I have to give props to Cole St. Clair because he really shined in Forever. He ended up becoming my favorite character in the final book and I did shed a few tears over him. I enjoyed how Maggie brought out his character in this book. However, I wish there was a better closure for he and Isabel.
Sam had such a rough life and I adore how Grace brought out the nurturing side of him in all three books.
Towards the ending of the book, I was on the verge of giving it a 4 star rating. And then, I read the end. It tortured me and didn’t give me closure on Grace, specifically. Cliffhanger much? It was for me. And it left me with giving it a 3.5 star rating.
I know Forever was the final book in the trilogy, but I’d really like to see Maggie Stiefvater do an anthology of some sort to offer her readers with a better conclusion to Forever.


REVIEW- Everlasting by Alyson Noel

You can view the synopsis for Everlasting (via Goodreads) by clicking on the title.

I’ve been a fan of The Immortals Series by Alyson Noel, so it was bitter-sweet when I read the 6th and final book in her series, Everlasting. 
Poor Ever and Damen…. They went through so many trials and tribulations throughout the series to be with eachother, and I’m talking centuries. They, or I should say, Ever continues to go through one loooong, final journey in this book.
Everlasting was a bit on the slow side for me this go ‘round, while books 1 - 5 were page turners. I lost interest in some parts of the book due to the lengthy journey Ever had to make and it would’ve been nice if it could’ve been shortened and Alyson give another subplot to regain my interest. However, I definitely didn’t let it stop me from reading on to find out if Ever and Damen finally achieve their destination.
Although the book was somewhat predictable, the ending was not. It was totally unexpected. But don’t worry, Alyson gave me the closure I predicted, but not “in the way” I expected.
I give Everlasting 3 stars!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Note on September 11th

I'll never forget that day. It was my first time to view a heart catheterization. I was a coordinator for the Cardiovascular Diagnostics Laboratory. I managed the department office and was being cross-trained to work in the lab when staff was low in helping them prepare for cases.

When the case was over, I helped transport the patient to recovery. That's when a fellow employee who was a nurse and I saw the look of horror on the faces in the recovery unit. We were quickly informed of the tragic events and lives viciously taken, while we were saving a life.

I was in denial and it wasn't until I got home and viewed the news (for weeks) that I broke down and was absolutely terrified. It was the most catastrophic event I'd ever had to deal with and I pray to God every night that terrorism will never be inflicted upon anyone or any land ever again.

My heart goes to the families and friends of the victims whose lives were lost or affected. My gratitude goes to the soldiers who've risked their lives and/or lost their lives (and still are) to fight for our freedom, our protection, our country. My apologies, because of others actions, goes to the innocents who were judged because of their middle eastern ethnicity. Hate doesn't solve anything and certainly doesn't change anything.


Like Kimberly, I clearly remember September 11th, 2001. I was a sophomore in high school, and I was enrolled in an early class to I always began my school day at 7 am. After class that morning I went to my history/home room. As I walked into the class and looked up at the TV monitor, I was shocked. On the screen, smoke billowed from the Twin Towers and I just stood there. Another student then filled me in on what was happening.

I remember my first thought was "Oh my God!" The second was, "Where is my dad today?" He travelled fairly often for work, and suddenly I couldn't remember if he was on a plane that day. I called my mother from class that very minute, not caring at all about the school's "no cell phones" policy. It turned out that he wasn't, and I thanked God so much for that. I later found out that my cousin living in Manhattan had managed to contact the family and was ok.

Every monitor in the school remained on the rest of the day, and we all watched everything unfold together. It was heartbreaking, terrifying, and devastating. And continued to be for a very long time. We had a memorial service at my church that evening and the emotion was intense.

Over the past 10 years I've watched so many things change because of that one day. And today, as we remember those who were lost, those who were brave enough to risk everything to rescue people they didn't know, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice without being asked, I'd like to say "Thank You." And "Thank you" to all the service men and women who have fought and died for our country and our protection. The rest of us will never truly understand your sacrifice and dedication, but "Thank you." We will never forget.

In honor of all of the above, some friends and I took an 11 mile bike ride on Saturday. I encourage you all to participate in some physical activity this weekend in their honor as well.


Friday, September 9, 2011

REVIEW - Shade and Shift by: Jeri Smith-Ready

You can view the synopsis for Shade and Shift (via Goodreads) by clicking on the titles.

Being I read these two books back to back, I decided to review them together. So first off, let me go ahead and give you my rating. 5 STARS, 5 STARS- 5 STARS! Let me say it one more time, 5 BIG FAT STARS! Get it? Okay, one last time- a ‘constellation’ of 5 stars!

Second- I want to send a HUGE thank you to Brooke from Brooke-Reports for graciously sending me these books after I won one of her contests during the 1st Annual YA Sisterhood Summer Crushin’ Tournament hosted by The YA Sisterhood.
Third- I have to mention how much of a fan girl I am of Jeri Smith-Ready. Not only does she have rad skills in writing, but she truly is an amazing person and is absolutely devoted to her fans.
Fourth- I have to give a shout out to my blogging partner Britney, who recommended that I read these books in the first place.
And last, but not least, Fifth- Do yourself a favor and check out the awesome Team Kilt book trailer that the fabulous ladies (Jen and Amy, who are Zachary Moore’s advocates) of Fictitious Delicious put together by clicking here.
So, with all that said I guess you can figure out how much I loved these books, which are my top favorite books by the way. Both Shade and Shift are intriguing stories about a girl, Aura (I so want to be her!) who can interact with ghosts. Anyone born after the shift can. The night she and her swoon-worthy rockin’ boyfriend Logan (who I hold dear to my heart) have an almost cherished moment, he dismisses himself and makes a bad decision. It resulted with him becoming a ghost. It’s hard to let him go…
Then you have the remarkable Zachary Moore who is alive and takes your breath away (are better yet, makes your heart flutter with zillions of butterflies). He is ONE HAWT COMMODITY and is so compassionate. He and Aura both share a gift in regards to the shift. Although Aura loves Logan and is still binded to him, she tries to fight her feelings for Zach. But, it’s impossible. Zachary Moore WILL.POSSESS.YOUR.HEART.
I was pretty adamant about a certain character, Ja- COUGH, from The Mort- COUGH—ahem, goodness! ooh- excuse me, oh dear… anyway, about that character, you know- he and I were tight… I was in love (fictitionally speaking). But wow, you had these two boys from the Shade Series come in and they captured my heart. That’s when I knew, while I’ll always care for that certain character, it was time to move on. Logan and Zachary reeled me in and I cannot nor will not choose between them.
You are utterly and seriously missing out if you haven’t read Shade and Shift yet. Put these books on your “to be read list” now… better yet, read them now and become part of Team Kilt!! Oh, and it may be a good idea to have some tissues on hand.
So, I lied… I have to say this one more time before I close this super fun review out. I give these bad-ass babies (Shade and Shift) 5 bouncing, springing, shooting stars!!!!!
Yours Truly, Kimberly

Fabulous Finds Friday

I was looking at my new stack of procurements last night, and decided I would share them with all you fabulous followers. I'm thinking of making this a weekly post, but I'm not making any promises yet. We will see how it goes. - Britney

5) My number 5 find of the week is... PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen. No, I have not been living under a rock. This is one of my favorite books, and honestly, I think my sister stole my copy. (Ok, not really. But it is missing.) I have read several novels lately that refer to Austen's work, and I wanted to re-read it. I like to have old copies of my favorite classics, so I tramped off to my favorite used bookstore to grab a copy. Now, it is back on my bookshelf where it belongs, because lets face it, a girl MUST own a copy of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. (At least this girl

4) My number 4 find this week is... EVERLASTING (AN IMMORTALS NOVEL) by Alyson Noel. This one has been on my list for a while now. I very much need to know how things turn out for Damon and Ever. If you have not started this series, I strongly recommend it. It is a completely new, interesting and creative idea.

3) My number 3 find of the week is... MINE UNTIL DAWN (THE FITZGERALD FAMILY) by E. B. Walters. I'm super excited about this one. This is the second book in THE FITZGERALD FAMILY series, and if it is anything like the first (which I'm sure it is) it will definitely be worth it. *note: This is an adult novel. Which translates to = I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO PERSONS UNDER AGE 18. But it will appeal to adult women.

2) My number 2 find this week is... SWEAR (ARC) by Nina Malkin. SWEAR is the second book in the SWOON series. I listened to the SWOON audio book last year, and I was very intrigued. I cannot wait to see what happens with Sin and Dice. (I also happened to name one of the Humane Society cats after Sin. You'll be happy to know that Sinclair the cat got a happy home.)

1) My number 1 find this week is... A PRINT COPY OF PERFECT CHEMIST RYby Simone Elkeles. I had the Kindle version already, but I absolutely LOVE this book so much, I just had to break down and by the print copy. If you have not read it you should. You will fall so hard for Alex.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: REMEMBRANCE [Kindle edition] by Michelle Madow

Synopsis via Goodreads.

There's recently been a small surge in the amount of books I've read concerning reincarnation. With each new take on the subject, I seem to get more and more fascinated by the idea. What girl wouldn't want to believe in a love that can transcend time. And with that thought, Michelle Madow has taken one of my new favorite themes and woven it with an all-time favorite of mine; Pride and Prejudice.

Yes, I'm one of those girls that absolutely loves Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Remembrance is somewhat of a modern day P & P without all the politics and flowery language of the 1800s. Drew sure seems to channel Darcy throughout the book and Madow has done a nice job of incorporating parts of Austen's life and novel into the story. Even if you don't particularly like P & P, there's still appeal in Remembrance. There's love, secrets, betrayal, and reincarnation. There a lot of unanswered questions that leave me wondering, no hoping, for a sequel. Guess I'll just have to wait and see. Check out Michelle Madow's website.

3 stars


Review: LOCKDOWN: ESCAPE FROM FURNACE [Kindle Edition] by Alexander Gordon Smith

Synopsis via Goodreads

This is not a typical choice of reading material for me. I tend to like books with more girly themes; well, at least books that have the potential for some sort of love story and Lockdown is definitely not a love story! However, the idea of an underground prison just for juvenile offenders intrigued me.

It took some time for Alex to grow on me, but I soon got very attached to this little thief. Smith developed a character that, while I couldn't relate to or empathize with his situation, I certainly felt sympathy for him. Between Alex and his rag-tag team of friends, I was quickly enveloped in this gruesome story of survival, friendship, and the importance of hope.

There are some moments of really intense imagery accompanied by some truly horrific scenes. And the ending will leave you begging for the next book. If you don't like to be left hanging I suggest you have the second installment, Solitary, ready and waiting. A good read.

3 stars


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Slayer Chronicles by Heather Brewer book trailer

Only 14 days left until the release of FIRST KILL!

Review: IF I STAY & WHERE SHE WENT by Gayle Forman

You can view the synopsis for If I Stay and Where She Went (via Goodreads) by clicking on the titles.

WOW, oh my gosh, WOW! I read If I Stay (Mia's point of view) and Where She Went (Adam's point of view) back to back. For a few days after reading them I was breathless and actually at a loss of words. Me, at a loss of words? No way! But indeed, I was.

While reading them, I was there... I was present in the story. It felt so real, I was Mia - enduring everything she went thru, the pain, the choice. I was Adam - yearning for Mia, missing her, suffering her absence, feeling empty; feeling alone. Gayle Forman made it easy for me to be captured in her characters' shoes.

My stomach stayed balled up like a fist throughout both books. It was somber and fascinating at the same time. Have your box of Kleenex ready. Both of these compelling books boast 5 stars!!!

Review: CROSS MY HEART [Kindle Edition] by Katie Klein

Synopsis (from Goodreads)

True love can blossom in unexpected places. This is Jaden pretending not to notice...

Jaden McEntyre and Parker Whalen are a wrong fit from the start. Jaden is driven and focused, Harvard Med School within reach. Parker has a past- a reputation- and the rumors about his mysterious habits abound. So there's no reason why, when they're assigned to work together on a project in English, they should discover they have anything in common, or even like each other, and they definitely shouldn't be falling in love.

As they bond over Edith Wharton's tragic novella, Ethan Frome, the "bad boy" vibe Parker plays begins to dissipate. Soon, Jaden finds herself shedding her own "good girl" image: sneaking around to be with him, confiding in him, and ultimately falling hard for this leather-wearing, motorcycle-driving loner who plays into the rebel stereotype.

Still, Jaden can't shed the feeling that there's more to Parker than he's letting on. He's hiding something from her, and discovering the truth means reconciling the Parker she's grown to love with the person he really is. Because it's possible that his life inside the classroom- everything Jaden knows- is one, massive lie.

I love Parker Whalen! Ok, I had to say that first. The truth is I really love Jaden too. I could really relate to her character and her "control freak, have to please everyone" mentality. I was a lot like her in high school.

The love story in Cross My Heart is a somewhat typical high school romance. The too perfect, "good girl," with straight As is assigned a totally mysterious, "bad boy" as a project partner. But Klein brilliantly takes this typical relationship and molds it into a very self-revealing life lesson in the best way. And there's a twist that's to die for!

While the relationship and its consequences are the central focus of the book, my favorite aspect was Jaden's family and their dynamics. I think there are a lot of girls that can relate to the relationship Jaden has with her father. And her two older brothers are fabulous. I actually wish we saw more of the brothers and learned a little more about them.

Cross My Heart is a beautiful and dramatic story about self-discovery that will surprise you and ultimately leave you feeling satisfied. A great read.

4 stars


Exciting News!

Good Tuesday morning everyone! I hope everyone is staying afloat after tropical storm Lee push his way through. I know Kimberly got a lot of rain as did we. A lot of flooding and trees down around our area. I even got to come in to work late this morning. But, even in the face of this nasty weather I have good news. At least, I think it's good news.

Some of you already know that my husband is morning show radio personality for US101, a country station here in Chattanooga. Every year, the Country Music Association produces a huge award show called the CMAs. The televised part of the show is mainly made up of awards going to country artists, writers, and music video producers; however, there are also tons of radio awards given out as well. Now, you may be following where I'm going with this, but here it is. This morning it was announced that my husband and his two radio partners were nominated for CMA Small Market Personality of the Year! It's a huge honor just to be nominated, and I am so excited for them! The winners will be announced and receive their awards later this year so I will let you all know how it turns out. For now, if you'd like to check out a CMA nominated radio show click here. The Bearman and Ken show (featuring Daniel) is on from 5am - 10am EST Monday - Friday and can be streamed online.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: THE FUTURE OF US (ARC) by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
It's 1996, and less than half of all American high school students have ever used the Internet.Emma just got her first computer and an America Online CD-ROM.Josh is her best friend. They power up and log on--and discover themselves on Facebook, fifteen years in the future.Everybody wonders what their Destiny will be. Josh and Emma are about to find out.

What would you do if your high school self suddenly had glimpses of your life in the future? It's an extremely interesting idea, and with THE FUTURE OF US, Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler have knocked it out of the park!

When I opened the book, I was instantly back in 1996. Asher and Mackler made sure the reader really felt Emma and Josh's place in the past (their present). From the novelty of the Internet and AOL to the upper class privilege of a cell phone to the popular music and movies of the mid-90s. I could vividly see Emma and Josh waiting for the AOL dial-up connection, the setting was so complete I instantly felt that connection with the characters.

When I think of seeing into the future, I typically think fortune tellers and sci-fi movies; not so with this book. Asher and Mackler really dig deep into the fundamental issues of trying to change the future. Josh serves as the moral compass, while Emma's reckless involvement causes radical consequences. When it comes to your future, how far is too far? And is there any going back? This novel will have you seriously contemplating how even the tiniest of decisions in the present may alter your future drastically.

An AMAZING 5 star read. Don't miss it.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

WVMP Series Read-Along and Giveaways

To further celebrate our love for Jeri Smith-Ready, What’s on the Bookshelf, Fictitious Delicious, And many to read before I sleep and Living Fictitiously are happy to co-host an event you can really sink your teeth into. Introducing…

WVMP Series Read-Along

October 1 – 30, 2011

October 1 – 8: WICKED GAME (WVMP Book #1)

This is by no means a “read the book then answer these questions” type of read-along. It’s more like a “let’s read these books together and talk about the awesomeness/WTF-ness we just read.” We all know how important it is to have someone to gush to when you’re reading a great book. And that’s EXACTLY what this is. We’ll post discussion questions on Google + twice a week to help get the conversation going, but we want to be talking about what YOU want to.

Now, before you sign up for the read-along you need to know that the material contained in these books are geared toward an adult readership. Explicit language, strong sexual content and fairly graphic violence are involved. Please pass on this read-along if you are sensitive to any of these.

Oh, and get this! Jeri is going to join us one evening in October to chat about the series. See? She really is the bee’s knees. The cat’s meow. The eel’s ankle. The elephant’s instep. The snake’s hip. She rocks. And not only that, but the characters of WVMP, Shane McAllister and Ciara Griffin will make an appearance as well. Hellz yeah!

Participating is easy! Just follow these easy steps:

1. Signup for the Read-Along HERE. Signup will close on Wednesday, September 28.

2. If you don’t have a Google + account, go signup for one. (We can send you an invite if you need one.) And don’t worry if you haven’t used Google+ before. We’ll email detailed instructions to each participant at the end of September.

3. Get the books. If your library doesn’t carry the books, tell them they should! Here are some handy links for purchasing the books online. CONSTELLATION BOOKS, AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE and BOOK DEPOSITORY. Some of us are die-hard enough to own multiple copies of these books and if you’d like to borrow a set, let us know on the signup form. (No guarantees that we’ll have enough to go around.)

4. Wait patiently for October and prepare for vampire greatness.

To kick off the event, we’re giving away a few sets of the books! Visit the links below for your chance to WIN the entire WVMP Series.





Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to chatting with you in October!

Kimberly and Britney