Wednesday, February 1, 2012

REVIEW- The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han

You can view the synopsis for The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy (The Summer I TurnedPretty, It’s Not Summer Without You, and We’ll Always Have Summer) by Jenny Han (via Goodreads) by clicking each title.

Being I read the set of three books back to back, I’m going to review together. The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han makes a great beach read. Girls, Guys… seriously. When you have a beach trip, if you haven’t read these, you must tote these along.

Belly vacationed at the summerhouse for the entire summer every year. She tagged along with her mom and brother and they stayed with her mom’s best friend Beck and her two boys Conrad and Jeremiah. (Awww Beck, *grabs a tissue*) Belly always had a crush on Conrad, and Jeremiah was always her best boyfriend, friend (BBFF)- and she knew he'd pretty much crushed over her.

Obviously we have us a little brotherly love triangle here.

For the first book, The Summer I Turned Pretty, Belly “developed” since the last year she’d seen the brothers and they noticed this summer, she had noticed. Rrrrrrrrrt, *brakes* hold up! Let me swoon over these brothers a bit. Conrad, the eldest, had dark hair- I wanted to lick his smirk, oh wait- wow sorry. He was a loaner, played guitar, mostly was a moody guy and mysterious. But, he was soft at heart. Then there was the youngest, Jeremiah and he was all sunshiney with his blonde hair and was full of smiles. He had a charismatic personality and was care-free. I wanted him to hold me. Um, anyway yeah- these brothers both fit the bill on being totally hot! While I adored both of them, it wasn’t until the third book, We’ll Always Have Summer, that I’d chosen which brother I’d like for me—oops, I meant Belly to end up with.

Belly feared their summers at the beach house would fizzle, so her goals were to make the best of them (3 summers for 3 books) throughout this trilogy because she knew they were all getting older, plus Beck’s health was deteriorating.  While each book had an awesome plot they pretty much consisted of Belly going through a roller coaster of emotions on landing the perfect brother for her, which of course sends the reader into a frenzy. There were some nice twists, turns, and drops to get Belly there.

The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without You and We’ll Always Have Summer made me laugh and made me sad. I experienced longing for both brothers and there were variations of multiple heart breaks. There was love, loss, realizations and truths. Belly’s first love was Conrad, her second- his younger brother Jeremiah. Who will Belly choose?

I’d like to give my pal Melissa (@3fixedhearts) a shout out for recommending these books to me. She’d sent me a box of books to borrow and these were amongst them. 

I give this Trilogy FOUR hot brotherly stars!


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  1. This book was absolutely amazing! It kept me up all hours of the night reading, I could never put it down. It was a true page turner and always kept me thinking what was going to happen next. I thought this book was going to take me awhile to read but I zoomed right threw it! This book is a perfect read for a teenage girl. It is based on teenage love so a lot of teenage girls can relate to it.