Thursday, February 2, 2012

REVIEW- Between By Cyndi Tefft

You can view the synopsis for Between by Cyndi Tefft by clicking on the title (via Goodreads).

 First of all, Oh My Kiltness!! Between was a story about death, life, love, grief, new life and everlasting love. CyndiTefft’s descriptive writing was quite witty and charming.

Lindsey took her supposed death rather well. But who wouldn’t when your reaper was a comforting, blonde headed, blue eyed Scottish lad who possibly didn’t wear anything under his kilt? Dudettes, when he took his shirt off, he had a six pack- AND WORE A KILT!  My heart flutters just thinking about Aiden McRae, Lindsey’s sexy reaper that helped guide the way to her after life.

Aiden was there with Lindsey every step of the way while she was caught in the realm of death. He offered her peace and while they were on their journey to heaven, Aiden and Lindsey re-lived each others memories and they could mentally hear each others voices and thoughts. They also developed an amazing bond.

Aiden could lead Lindsey to the pearly gates, but he wasn’t welcome beyond them. Lindsey found herself not wanting to leave him and go to heaven. He knew he shouldn’t get attached to his transportee, but after 300 years of being a reaper, Aiden McRae was in love. Could Lindsey’s love for Aiden redeem him and be the key to getting him in heaven?

Aiden and Lindsey had a sweet connection. The things he said to Lindsey, the way he made her feel really made me smile. Lawd have mercy I hope my grim reaper is as hot as Aiden McRae. *fans self* And peeps, be on the read out for a hot, sexy, beautiful lake scene!

What would be an intriguing story without a shocker? Well peeps, there was one and my gut twisted and it was a thrilling ride reading from there.  

I look forward to reading Hell Transporter, the second book in the Between Series.

I give Between, by Cyndi Tefft  4 scotty-hotty stars!!


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