Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Everyone evaluates what they read in a different way. That being said, we thought it might be a good idea to explain the way we rate the books we review. We each use a number star system (i.e. 5 stars, 4 stars, etc.). We made the decision together that we will not post reviews that we rate below 3 stars. The reason for this decision is simple: we do not like negative reviews. This is a personal preference for us. If we were to assign 1 or 2 stars to a book, for us, that is not a book we would recommend. Therefore, we will not review it. Neither will we speak negatively about said book(s). We are here to support and share books we love, not tear down or speak negatively about those we do not love. Also, we will always (with the exception of one of us having a senior moment) include our name(s) at the end of each review, so that you know who's opinion you are reading. With that disclaimer, we give you the LIVING-FICTITIOUSLY starred rating system:

5 stars - Totally, absolutely, without-a-doubt loved it! Would pick it up again and re-read. Would recommend it to everyone.

4 stars - Love it! Would recommend it to almost everyone.

3 stars - A good read. Enjoyed it and would recommend to others.

EDIT TO ADD. >>>>> As of 4/5/2012, I (Kimberly) have come to the decision to no longer rate books. I simply feel that if I post a review on the blog, then that means the book was a very enjoyable read for me.
May a book be forever in your hands,

* NOTE: We will occasionally assign half star ratings to reviews. For example: 3.5 stars. These will most likely be rare; however, sometimes it will be a necessity in our eyes. The reasoning should be self-explanatory in the review, but you are always welcome to contact us with any questions at all.

Britney & Kimberly

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