Tuesday, February 14, 2012

REVIEW- Firelight by Sophie Jordan

You can view the synopsis for Firelight by Sophie Jordan by clicking the title (via Goodreads).

I was hesitant about reading a story containing dragons as they don’t appeal to me, much. But, my genius of a trustworthy book reviewer, Brooke (@brookeworm33 and you must check her blog) insisted I read. As I read Firelight, I was quick to eat that thought and found myself entranced in the Draki world. Sophie Jordan’s portrayal of the Draki left me with a perfect, beautiful illustration.

Jacinda was a descendent of dragons. When she manifested from her human form, she became her inner self… Draki. She was the only fire breather in her pride. Therefore, she was of great asset. Her every move was supposed to be decided by the Control of her pride, including having her arranged with the alpha’s son, the ever arrogant, devoted Cassian.

On a fateful night, she snuck to fly. She was nearly captured by the hunters. One being velvety voiced, Will. (Seriously, his voice drove me wild. I had it perfectly sounded in my head as I read.) When they came face-to-face while Jacinda was in her true form, they were intrigued by each other. He had let Jacinda go.

After leaving the Pride against her will, Jacinda was forced to lead a human life. Her mother encouraged her to let her inner draki wither. Was it destiny when Jacinda attended her first day of school that Will was a student there? She knew he realized there was a connection between them when their eyes met. She knew she should stay away from him, but there was a mutual attraction. It was ironic since his kind was her death. Hunters know nothing about draki shifting to human form, until….

Firelight was filled with fear, passion, love, and risks. It kept me on the edge of my seat; quite fidgety I may add. What a great story about exposed secrets and what happens when prey and their hunter fall in love. Jacinda and Will had a sweet little buzz of a relationship going and Will... let's just say Will was mutha flipping hot!

The ending, ah was a cliffy. Good thing Vanish, book 2 in the Firelight Series is out. Moving it up on the TBR list.

Oh, and I see Firelight has been optioned for film. How exciting! You can find out the deets here.

I give Firelight by Sophie Jordan 4 fire-breathing stars.


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  1. Vanish begins exactly where Firelight ended; there is just a brief reminder of what happened at the conclusion of Firelight before we are plunged back into the action. This action doesn't stop for the rest of the book, though Jacinda's internal conflict is prominent as well. While in Firelight she escapes the pride, in Vanish she finds herself back in the midst of it again, but all is not well. Not only do things begin to change with Tamra, but also the pride has lost their trust in her, and Severin (the pride leader) in particular seems determined to make things difficult for her. However, it was nice (or in some cases, not nice) to get to know Jacinda's extended family and learn more about Sophie's world of draki.