Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review- Halfway to the Grave by Jeanine Frost


Hallo readers, you can view the synopsis for Halfway to the Grave (Book 1 in The Night Huntress Series) by Jeanine Frost by clicking the title (via Goodreads).

 *Whistles the very beginning of this tune* (Just the very beginning) Bones… Bones, Dem’ Bones.

I tell ya, Karen (@teamsheltie, blogger of For What It’sWorth), Janette (@jderucki) and Jen (@jenduffey, blogger of What’s on theBookshelf) weren’t lying when they said I’d swoon over Bones and this awesome book. It was a story full of vengeance, love, and sacrifices.

Cat was different- had abilities no other human had. She was half dead and a bastard child of a vampire who had raped her mortal mother. She seeked retribution on her dead-beat (pun intented) father and her distaste for vampires; hence the reason she became a vampire hunter. This chick was kick-ass and I loved her feisty attitude.

On Cat’s mission, she tried to pick up on the wrong vamp. This one had a mysterious factor to him. Before she could stake him, she was captured by him and forced to make a deal. She hadn’t suspected she’d fall for him during the process.

Oh Bones… how you make me squirm, you… you, you chiseled, fierce, luminous, intoxicating, brow-arching bloke. And your filth talk, have mercy on my soul! Just, just… whew lawdy, dem’ Bones. He was English, and the author, Jeanine Frost had his accent and dialogue spot on. I couldn’t help but read his voice out loud in my best English accent.

The connection that Cat and Bones shared totally buzzed me. It was like a plug to a socket; so much electricity. So much passion. Their bickering gave me the giggles, but this line I totally digged- “Still, I had loved and been loved in return, and there was nothing greater than that.”

With a great, sexy, thrilling story line, perfect characters, and paranormal settings, Halfway to the Grave made an awesome adult read. I give it a balance between 4 and 5 stars… 4.5 brow-arching stars.



  1. Lawdy! I never thought you would read this!!! About time lol

    If you like HOT sex scenes just you wait until One Foot in the Grave. It's infamous. If you ever read one hotter let me know.

    1. Ok, that's it! As soon as I get caught up on my March Netgalley reviews, I'm reading this one! It's on my shelf and now I'm going to think about Bones everytime I walk past it!

    2. B-, read it ASAP. I'm telling ya, you'll be -ing'ing and -er'in all over Bones.

      Karen- seriously, it took me forever to pick it up and read. I regret that, I mean, I could have had Bones in my life for like 4 months now! And an infamous hot scene in OFitG? I better have an ice bucket on hand!

  2. Hmmm that ice might certainly come in handy. In fact, I think Bones might use a little ice himself (but don't quote me on that). So glad you finally read the first one. Now get on it and finish these!