Friday, February 24, 2012

REVIEW- The Iron Quill by Shelena Shorts

You can view the synopsis for The Iron Quill (3rd book in The Pace Series) by Shelena Shorts by clicking the title (via Goodreads).
 I read the first two books in The Pace Series, The Pace and The Broken Lake, back in December 2010. After reading them, they had me awaiting book three, The Iron Quill. All three books were an interestingly unique, fast-paced read. Now, I look forward to reading the fourth and final book, The Hour of Dreams. What a beautiful title!

The Iron Quill, along with The Pace and The Broken Lake was a great love story, without a love triangle. The main characters, Amelia, I meant Lenny- I meant, Sophie (geez!) and Weston share an eternity of love. Their fate was to be together and fulfill a purpose, but in Sophie’s previous lives, their fate ended when she turned 19. Would you die over and over to save the one you were destined for? Her immortal beloved, handsome as all get out, Weston waited for her to be reincarnated. Oh Wes, you make me want to buy some green eye contacts and back up into a Maserati! Now that Sophie is in her third life, can they live up to their destiny? Will Sophie save the one she loves, again or is it his turn to save her? This Pace Series is about tragic pasts, a destructive present, and a future of hope.

Sophie was a courageous character and wasn’t going to lose her soul mate again without putting up a fight. Poor Sophie. All she wanted was to be with her soul mate. She wanted to be a survivor and not have to continue fretting over death. She lived for today. Not tomorrow. Wes was super hot, selfless, soothing, kind, and sincere. He loved his girl and put forth so much compassion towards her. I loved the way he held on to his memories about the girl he loves.

This story was filled with love, determination, angst, memories, an innovative cure, and risks.

I give The Iron Quill by Shelena Shorts 3.5 stars.

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