Tuesday, February 7, 2012

REVIEW- Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

You can view the synopsis for Shatter Me, by Taherah Mafi by clicking the title (via Goodreads).

“Adam is the sex..” That was written on a note that my girl Brooke (@brookeworm33 on twitter, Brooke Reports- check her blog out. She does great reviews.) included in Shatter Me when she sent me the book. (Thank you again Brooke, muah!) I couldn’t wait to turn the pages to find out about this Adam for myself!

So after I giggled over Brooke’s note (which after I’d read Shatter Me she was totally 100% correct) I ran my hand across the amazing, shiny cover. Then I opened it and read the author, Tahereh Mafi’s dedication to her husband. I was cooooing in sweet-awe.

By page 3, if you interrupted me while I was reading, I shot daggers at you. I was completely blown away by Tahereh’s descriptions, dialogues and narratives in Shatter Me. This was her first novel, I mean Holy.Stinkin’.WOW!!! Get ready for a shatter attack!! This book reeked of dystopian and paranormal bad-assness, and completely shattered my mind. It utterly captivated me and my thoughts. I had to remind myself to breathe and keep reading during the twisty bitch-slaps .

Juliette was taken by The Reestablishment. She'd been locked up in the asylum for a cruel 264 days. In that time, she hadn’t spoken, touched or had been touched. She was feared. Bad things happened when you made physical contact with her. It was beyond her control. She hated it.

I wanted to go grab my astronaut suit (you know, the one I have hanging up in my closet? Kidding.) and hug her. I instantly connected with Julliette and felt her pain. Her struggle. Her desire. The girl ended up being a perfect heroine.

She got a cell mate. Adam Kent = dangerously hot. Tough. Tatted up. Blue eyes. Totally crush-worthy. He seemed familiar to her. He made her pain go away and he could touch her. She liked it. Believe me peeps. You wanted him to touch you… I meant her. *squirms in delight* Let me warn you though. There was a twist with him, but grab a paper bag folks and keep calm and keep reading. Breathe in. Breathe out. And remember, Adam puts the hot before damn… hot damn!

Then there was Warner, who controlled The Reestablishment. He wanted war. He was evil. Hateful. Manipulative. And spiiiiicy with his green-eyed self. Mmmm, MMmm, MMMMM! He wanted Juliette to join him, have her use her power. He was obsessed with her. And you may find yourself obsessed with this handsome baddie.

And Kenji. I can’t forget him. I was so thankful for this loyal, charming dude who ended up having a shock-factor to him.

Seriously, I could mack with all 3 of these dudes.  Let’s face it. I could make out with this book!

If you haven’t read Shatter Me yet, get your read on quick. So effing aaaahhhhmmmmaaazzzziiinggg!

I give Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi, 5 explosive stars --> book will blow your mind! I need book 2 stat!


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  1. BAHA! I stand by my statement! Adam IS the sex. :P