Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: REMEMBRANCE [Kindle edition] by Michelle Madow

Synopsis via Goodreads.

There's recently been a small surge in the amount of books I've read concerning reincarnation. With each new take on the subject, I seem to get more and more fascinated by the idea. What girl wouldn't want to believe in a love that can transcend time. And with that thought, Michelle Madow has taken one of my new favorite themes and woven it with an all-time favorite of mine; Pride and Prejudice.

Yes, I'm one of those girls that absolutely loves Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Remembrance is somewhat of a modern day P & P without all the politics and flowery language of the 1800s. Drew sure seems to channel Darcy throughout the book and Madow has done a nice job of incorporating parts of Austen's life and novel into the story. Even if you don't particularly like P & P, there's still appeal in Remembrance. There's love, secrets, betrayal, and reincarnation. There a lot of unanswered questions that leave me wondering, no hoping, for a sequel. Guess I'll just have to wait and see. Check out Michelle Madow's website.

3 stars



  1. This sounds like something I'd really like! Thanks so much for sharing it here- great review! Nice to discover your blog:) New follower

  2. Yay! And welcome! I really enjoyed REMBERANCE and was so happy to share it. Thanks for following.