Monday, September 19, 2011

REVIEW + GIVEAWAY - The Keepers by Monique O'Connor James

You can view the synopsis of The Keepers, via Goodreads, by clicking on the title.
I am honored to do a review for my friend and my mentor, Monique O’Connor James.  Monique is an indie author and her first published book, The Keepers was released in June 2011.
The Keepers is a YA crossover- meaning it’s classified as “adult” but it appeals to the YA as well.
Her lovely story had me an emotional basket case! And the cover... is gor-geeous! It is a story, many who’ve suffered with loss, can relate to. A story that you can get lost in. A story that lures you, from Chapter One, to the end. 
The Keepers was written in third person. The flow of the story is impeccable. The author gives such vivid details in her debut paranormal romance novel and offers the reader, a story that will stick with them, for days.
Jess is a lost soul. She’s lost her faith in God and fled to New Orleans, to escape her many losses, back home. She’s seen the guardians, all her life, but she ignored them. Justin loathes humanity, but he is intrigued by Jess. He wants to protect her from the demons that try and claim her. Guardians are not supposed to fall in love with their guarded. Could he be the key, for Jess to restore her faith?
I was extremely sympathetic towards Jess. She’d suffered more loss than one person could handle. I longed for her and Justin to be together and found the humor in their bickering; they’d fought like an old married couple. Justin is definitely a character you could embrace yourself in to. What girl wouldn’t want to pet a HAWT angel’s wings?  Vi, was my favorite character; she was full of exuberance and a blessing that Jess needed in her life. Rory, Justin’s brother possessed so much loyalty to his counterpart.  Although I adored most of the cast, the villain in the story was so real, I couldn’t help but hate him!
The Keepers will be marked on my “read list” as a favorite and boasts 5 "Who Dat" stars ! Can’t wait for the second book, The Watchers.
Be on the look out for Jamais Vu, a new series by Monique (my favorite #justsayin), releasing in October. (Just pitching it out there!)
The setting of The Keepers is in New Orleans, LA. If you’ve been to NOLA, tell Britney and I what was your favorite attraction and why. If you haven’t been to NOLA, tell us why you’d like to go! Please leave your email address so winner can be contacted. Chosen winner will receive a PDF copy of The Keepers and some swag! Giveaway ends September 30, noon CST.
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  1. Thanks so much for having me!!!

  2. I would love to go just to meet Monique and Ashly- I've read the Keepers and it's a page turner!!

  3. Haven't been to New Orleans, but would sure love to go!! First of all, I'm a foodie and would love true cajun and creole food. Obviously, the culture and spirit of NOLA would be another reason, however I'd like to go also to help with the tourist and business side of the city. After Hurricane Katrina, the town has not been the same, and I would love to give to the community and bring business.

    Let's not forget the spooky, haunted stories that lie within.

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  5. Ah shoot, I used to live an hour and a half from Nola so a better question may be what I DON’T like.. lol but let’s see.. I love the French Quarter of course, the shopping is superb (and there’s this somewhat famous street of Bourbon.. although the Hand Grenades are better imo haha) Can’t go to N.O. without getting some beignets from Café Du Monde (and now I’m craving some, thankyaverymuch).. and the Jackson Square is beautiful, AND you can get your fortune told while you’re there.. lol. The Haunted History tours are always a lot of fun (there’s some REALLY creepy places you can visit!). I could go on and on about my love for N.O.. but you probably don’t want to hear that much.. thanks for the giveaway! And Geaux Saints! :)

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