Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: LOCKDOWN: ESCAPE FROM FURNACE [Kindle Edition] by Alexander Gordon Smith

Synopsis via Goodreads

This is not a typical choice of reading material for me. I tend to like books with more girly themes; well, at least books that have the potential for some sort of love story and Lockdown is definitely not a love story! However, the idea of an underground prison just for juvenile offenders intrigued me.

It took some time for Alex to grow on me, but I soon got very attached to this little thief. Smith developed a character that, while I couldn't relate to or empathize with his situation, I certainly felt sympathy for him. Between Alex and his rag-tag team of friends, I was quickly enveloped in this gruesome story of survival, friendship, and the importance of hope.

There are some moments of really intense imagery accompanied by some truly horrific scenes. And the ending will leave you begging for the next book. If you don't like to be left hanging I suggest you have the second installment, Solitary, ready and waiting. A good read.

3 stars


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