Tuesday, April 29, 2014

REVIEW ~ Facade by Nyrae Dawn

Can love save them?

After her father commits a crime that shatters her family, eighteen-year-old Delaney Cross is tired of pretending everything is all right. Packing up her car, she sets out to find the people her father hurt. Her search leads her to places she’s never been—and into the arms of Adrian Westfall.

To the outside world, Adrian is a sexy, charming ladies’ man. But his playboy persona is just an act. Secretly his soul is tortured by a memory too painful to share. Only Delaney seems to see through his façade to the real man underneath. And for the first time in his life, Adrian feels he can begin to open up about his past.

Together, Adrian and Delaney share a passionate love they never expected to find. Yet both still harbor their own secrets. When the dark truth is finally revealed, will it bring them closer together—or tear them apart forever?

And my Nyrae Dawn reading expo continues...

Facade is book 2 in Nyrae Dawn's The Game Series. Adrian, a supporting character from Charade, book 1, has now crossed over into a story of his own.

Hold up... Let me stare at the cover dripping in a lusty kiss a little longer...

So, here we have a wonderful, heart wrenching, soul searching, fateful love story that wasn't just about romance, but about finding acception, forgiveness, and recognition within one 's self. Those were my exact words I sent to Nyrae after finishing Facade.

Broken boys... They always capture my heart. Poor Adrian is haunted with grief and stays hidden behind whatever vice to deal. He relished in blame. But when he felt frisky, his cheesy lines gave me the giggles. I totally had the lusty butt for this dude. I'd even be a pancake just so he could eat me up.

And wow, he had a talent so deep. It nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Delaney suffered from a broken family. She was too young to have had the burden of her dysfunctional mom and suffer the guilt from her father's irresponsibility. Her ultimate goal was forgiveness, not for herself-- but she felt she needed it for her family to move on. But that came with a big UNexpectation.

Delaney had a brother who I had an instant connection with. They pretty much only had each other. Their relationship was one I'd hope for in a sibling, just maybe a little more opening up on Maddox's part. But he meant well. I really hope he gets his own story. Maddox was very serious-- rightfully so from the circumstance he and Delaney suffered from. I'd love to see a lighter side of him.

Whadayaknow... It's pretty amazing how fate can bring two emotionally distraught people together that shared a related tragedy. Love and support can heal wounds. And both Delaney and Adrian needed their hearts mended. Together, their emotional and physical stability can be repaired. But not before discovering their true identities first, some teasing, battling of physical and mental emotions, and working around the cause of their despair.

I lived their journey as I read Facade. These two characters were shattered. It wasn't easy for them to become whole again. This was a game Adrian hadn't expected, just like Delaney hadn't expected what lied behind Adrian's barrier. They both hid behind their own facade and scarred memories until truths exposed.

I swear I wanted to make out with Nyrae's make out scenes. They made me all tingly.

I really enjoy Nyrae Dawn's writing style. It flows really well and while I prefer past tense in novels, Nyrae can nail present tense. I feel like I'm right there behind her words, visualizing the characters feelings and interactions. She makes my eyes sting or my mouth smile at the emotion. She practices great descriptive dialogue and narrative- which I'm a stickler about in reading. Her stories keep me glued to the pages and makes me look forward to reading more of her work-- both young and new adult.

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