Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 8 of Superfan Contest for This Side of Salvation by Jeri Smith-Ready. Meet Eve.

It's day 8 of the superfan contest for This Side of Salvation by Jeri Smith-Ready. You can read more about this contest by clicking here.

Last Monday, the main character, David from This Side of Salvation was introduced to us.

Last Tuesday, we met Kane.
I hadn't started reading TSoS yet when I originally posted David and Kane. But I'm now 150 pages in. David has my heart. He's been through quite a bit in his family life. But he's still all boy. I adore his mentality. And Kane, David's best friend, he's quite the funny and supportive one, but that works both ways.  
Last Wednesday, we had met Bailey. I love her. At this point in my reading she seems to be a free spirit and I really enjoy the comforting words she gives David.
Last Thursday, we met David's sister Mara. She's fun and snarky and everything a sister should be to a brother. They look out for each other. 
Last Friday, we were introduced to David's Dad. He's um, different. He wasn't always that way though. Grief can change one's views. I feel bad for David and Mara. I share their feelings of their Dad's behavior, thoughts and beliefs. I just hope he comes around, but WHERE IS HE??? *Keeps reading*
Monday, we had met David's Mom. I am still reading TSoS and at this point in the story I believe that she's caught in the middle of everything. She has her own grief to deal with, and she's trying to support her husband and her kids, which each have their different beliefs. It has to be difficult. But this quote had made me giggle when I read it in the book. I'm glad Jeri chose this card. It shows the lighter side of David's Mom.
Yesterday, we met Sophia. There is truth behind this quote. However, some deranged people can always say the correct things so that they could later mislead you. It's quite unfortunate when faith is brought into it.
Today, we meet Eve Decker. She was definitely somewhere she did not want to be. By reading this quote, you can figure that she was going to try and make the best of it!
I completed my reading for This Side of Salvation. I will post a review after all of Jeri's cards are posted. It was a different read for me than a lot of books... more spiritual I guess I'd say. Post ending, I really had a pleasant reflection on this book and felt at peace. It was a great feeling.
This Side of Salvation is a great read for mid teens on up to older adult. Not only is the reader guided through David's journey, but I believe that the events and quotes in this novel will give each who read it something to think and reflect about for the main character and his family, and for themselves.
Check out Jeri's website, her books, the contest, THIS SIDE OF SALVATION  released, 4/1/2014.
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