Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 5 of Superfan Contest-- Meet David's Dad from This Side of Salvation by Jeri Smith-Ready

It's Day 5 of the Superfan contest (click here for info) for This Side of Salvation by Jeri Smith-Ready.

Monday, the main character, David from This Side of Salvation was introduced to us. You can backtrack by clicking here.
Tuesday, we met Kane. You can backtrack to that post by clicking here.
I hadn't started reading TSoS yet when I originally posted David and Kane. But I'm now 150 pages in. David has my heart. He's been through quite a bit in his family life. But he's still all boy. I adore his mentality. And Kane, David's best friend, he's quite the funny and supportive one, but that works both ways.  
Wednesday, we had met Bailey. I love her. At this point in my reading she seems to be a free spirit and I really enjoy the comforting words she gives David. You can backtrack to that post by clicking here.
Yesterday, we met David's sister Mara. She's fun and snarky and everything a sister should be to a brother. They look out for each other. I hope it stays that way. I'm only about 150 pages into the book. You can backtrack to that post by clicking here.
Today, be introduced to David's Dad. He's um, different. He wasn't always that way though. Grief can change one's views. I feel bad for David and Mara. I share their feelings of their Dad's behavior, thoughts and beliefs. I just hope he comes around, but WHERE IS HE??? *Keeps reading*
Check out Jeri's website, her books, the contest, THIS SIDE OF SALVATION  released, 4/1/2014.
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