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REVIEW ~ Measuring Up by Nyrae Dawn

Seventeen-year-old Annabel Conway is tired of the Hillcrest High School elite making her life miserable because she’s not a size two. This summer, she's hiring a personal trainer to help her lose weight.

Annabel doesn’t expect her trainer to be a gorgeous guy around her age. Boys like Tegan are jerks. They pretend to like girls like her so they can make an idiot out of them. Been there, done that. Totally not going there again. She kind of hates him on principal. Blond. Muscular. Funny. It doesn’t help that he knows her measurements!

Soon, Tegan's so much more than that. He’s the boy who teaches her to box when she has a bad day. Who jogs with her and lets her set the pace. Who kisses her until she melts. He makes her feel beautiful regardless of what the scale says. Unlike her mom, he doesn’t expect perfection, and he doesn't try to shield her from the world like her dad and best friend. Tegan likes her the way she is.

But what happens when he’s not there? He can’t always be there…

Will Annabel be able to stand on her own and learn that she already measures up? That her worth doesn’t lie in what the world thinks, the scale says, or even what Tegan tells her—but in herself?

I'm going to do something different than my normal reviews. I had so much fun while reading this book I'm going to do a chapter by chapter, as best as I can, non-spoilery commentary. (While I read each chapter, I jotted my impressions down.)

So.... here we go... weeeeeeee!

Ch 1: I think I'm going to like this girl!! Procrastination with getting fit?... Annabel, me and you... We are like this X. Ugh, and the whole self confidence thing? We got this. Take me on your journey to measuring up. And I wouldn't mind doing a few um, leg wraps- oops, I mean squats with the personal trainer, Tegan.

Ch 2: I feel for Annabel. We've all been there. Being scolded for your weight or being bullied really destroys your complex. Then you always obsess over what people may think of you.

Ch 3: Obviously Tegan is a looker. Gosh, if it were me, I'd lose weight just by salivating over him. I friggin adore Annabel's sarcasm towards him. The girl does not filter. It's great. But she's starting to push his buttons. I believe part of her sarcasm is a defense mechanism. Because she worries too much what people think of her. But I see Tegan being her motivator.

Ch 4:  C'mon girl.... Spit on them bullies! You're making me think that you pity your own self. Just wait til' Tegan gets a hold of you. He's been quite tense lately. Wonder what's behind his wall? I know this though, I need a personal trainer STAT. Tegan's making my heart woozie.

*excuse me a moment while I share some Ben & Jerry's with my girl, Annabel.*

Ch 5: Somebody's got a crush!! I mean, how can you not! I love the way Tegan challenges Annabel. His confidence is just right, and it gives me the flutters.

Ch 6: Tsk tsk Tegan and I'm about to bitchslap Annabel's mom. Or even better, shove cake down her throat!

Ch 7: What are you hiding 'Gym Boy'!? It's like you have multiple personalities or something. One minute you're all friendly and smiles, the other you get moody and intense. You have nothing to be ashamed of-- or do you? Apparently, we have two people here, Annabel and Tegan, who both have some vulnerabilities.

Annabel, I really don't like your mom. I want to go all Em on her.

Ch 8: Oh Tegan, I hope you aren't sending Annabel mixed signals. I sure am enjoying y'all's interaction. I really think y'all bring out the best in each other. I enjoy Annabel's feelings as Tegan starts to open up and she realizes his genuineness.

Ch 9: Don't get frustrated Annabel.

... I think I'm falling in love with Tegan.

Annabel's giving me the giggles.

Ch 10: I'm so giddy, oh so giddy for Annabel. I really like her. She's funny and awkward. And her feelings, whether they are hurt or shining, they are real.

Ch 11: And my heart is freaking racing!!

Ch 12: Take the compliments Annabel.

I want the 'Near Tegan Experience'.

Ch 13: That kiss was magical.

And... what the what? Better have a good explanation for this Tegan!

Ch 14: Phew. Had me scared there. Awwwww Tegan!!! You sweet thang you!!

Spill your guts Annabel. Reveal your guy!

Tegan's little brother Tim-my is such a riot!! And his mom, what a nice lady.

Ch 15: Sock that bitch Annabel! Go Rocky on her ass!

Me to self: Kim- it's 1am. 630 is approaching fast. Go to sleep. But I want to keep reading. Go to sleep!!

Ch 16: *plays Rocky music* Tegan... So mature and responsible for a young man. What a man, what a man, what a mighty good young man.

Making progress Annabel!! And the trust is constructed.

Ch 17: Oh Annabel- honey, come here and let me hug you.

Ch 18: Awe Annabel, good for you revealing the awesomeness, I just wish the others could've understood better-- but deep down, I think they did.

Wow, the support and understanding and encouragement Tegan gives Annabel just really makes my heart skip a beat.

Nyrae Dawn sure can write some explosive macking scenes.

Annabel's dad is the dearest.

Ch 19: High mutha effin fives Tegan. And go 'head Annabel Lee.

Ch 20: ...Bliss.

And the wall comes tumbling down.

I love Annabel and Tegan together.

Ch 21: Wall back up. Damn walls.

Oh dear. What is going to happen from here?

Ch 22: Gut punch. Oh man. *hiccup*

Ch 23: Crap- I need a Kleenex.

Annabel, you had this in you all along. Continue your goal, doll. I know you can do this.

Ch 24: She's blossomed.

Ch 25: Making progress!!

Ch 26: Wowsers!! Very happy for you AB!!

Ch 27: My girl, Annabel, I'm so very proud of you. You've blossomed and have become independent. You deserve much happiness and love. But I still don't like your mother.

What a fantastic, fun, at times heartbreaking, read Measuring Up was. I'm so impressed with Annabel's growth. How she went from battling her insecurities to becoming independent and accomplishing her goals. What a smart girl! I enjoyed Annabel Lee and Tegan. Their love story was true and perfect. It was none of that cat and mouse games. If you need a pick me up read, then grab this book here and support a wonderful, talented author, Nyrae Dawn. Her books I've read thus far are the bomb diggity!

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