Monday, May 20, 2013

UNIVOLVED by Carey Heywood - Review

Published: January 8, 2013


I have to start by telling you what turned me on to this book. The author posted the following "disclaimer" on her facebook & Amazon page:
Warning: If you like books about virgins who turn bad boys into lap dogs this is not the book for you. In life you don't always get what you want when you want it. This book is about the internal struggle Becka Sherwood has when dealing with that. Have you ever been in a situation when you like someone more than they like you? It sucks, it wrecks your self esteem and can make you do things you aren't proud of. Becka is not a saint, she has complete disregard for someone else's feelings. She basically uses a nice guy to make herself feel better about the fact that the guy she really wants doesn’t want her the same way. She is immature and selfish and whiny and can be a total jerk but she is also young and justifying her actions. 
Apparently, some people have a problem with a female main character being realistic. Yes, it's true that many books these days have a the sweet, innocent girl who falls for the bad boy. And yes, I like those love stories too. But, Becka's story is so much more real to life. I mean, come on, how many young women are truly completely sweet and innocent these days? I know they are out there, but it was so refreshing to have a main character who WAS NO WHERE NEAR PERFECT. 

Becka is young, and confused, and makes mistakes. That's what I love about her. She screws up. She tries to justify her bad decisions. We've all been in situations where we make the wrong choice and then can't figure out how to fix it or turn it around. My stomach was in knots the whole time I was reading this book, because I felt for her. A good author makes the reader connect with her character, and I felt so connected with Becka that I literally felt her pain. Yes, I groaned out load a lot throughout this book. And I wanted to scream, "What the hell are you doing?!" But that's real life. We don't have the privilege of being omniscient  Even when we are aware of the fact that things can only end badly, it is human nature to seek comfort and companionship.

While UNINVOLVED is not about a sweet, little innocent virgin, it is about making mistakes; about finding yourself and learning that you have to be happy with yourself before you can find happiness elsewhere. It's a journey that many of us have taken before and a struggle that is all too real. Life isn't always the perfect love story. People get hurt, hearts get broken, and things don't always turn out the way you want them to. So, may I suggest that you give this book a shot. Take it out on a date. It's a test run, not a marriage. You might find that you like this imperfect girl, with her imperfect world, and her imperfect love story. And you just might LOVE it!



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