Wednesday, January 9, 2013

REVIEW- Lust for Life by Jeri Smith-Ready

You can view the synopsis for the final book (adult paranormal/fantasy romance) in the WVMP Radio Series, Lust for Life by Jeri Smith-Ready by clicking the title, via Goodreads.

Okay, let me gather myself here and pay close attention to my grammar and make sure everything is in order for my OCD loving vampires. Shit, I probably still will mess it all up. Oh well, here we go!!




                                                                                                                                                         Before we start, don’t forget, it's pronounced "KEER-ah."

Wow. Just Wow! She’s done it again y’all! This author blows my mind with emotion and bliss with each book she writes. It’s so amazing! Her characters are amazing! Her books are amazing! Jeri Smith-Ready is… you got it! AMAZING! I will firmly admit that I am completely fanatical with her books, and yes, okay- with her too!
When I received Lust for Life upon its release, either I could’ve sped read it out of excitement, or I could delve in it and take my time to read it- let it be an indulgence so I could appreciate the finale in the WVMP Radio series even more and make it last. Therefore, when I deserved something awesome for myself, Lust for Life was my treat. And I salivated it.
Oh man, gaaaahhh-daaammmmnnn!! Shane did a number in his first appearance. He was in uniform; all dressed in black and combat-y... I mean, that was knock my pants off hot!! Thump, thump, HUMP!!! I gotta throw this in too- Ladies and gentlemen rev those engines and get your blood pumping, because David was in black too; a black sleeveless shirt... I just imagined it all tight across his chest--- good lawd made me wanna go and take a bite out of a juicy, medium rare steak!
And, I mean, here we go again with psycho's fucking with the vampires at WVMP Radio Station! When are you people going to realize it's all about the music, man... Just step back, close your eyes and tap your foot to the beat and leave WVMP be!!
The ending of this series justified everything I hoped for Ciara and Shane who shared a binded love that I admire. The sacred love and support the MCs have for each other got brighter and better with each book and it put me through such awe. Ciara is definitely my favorite girl crush in the adult paranormal fantasy world. Her thoughts, reactions, and presentation were a solid deal!
Things happened in the finale... That I never would have predicted!!!! OH MY GOD! The challenges Ciara and Shane had to face along with the other DJ’s were scary enough to have made my stomach feel like it was going to rip open as I anticipated and read. And some chapters closed out with a gasp. There were moments worthy of bitch slapping myself in shock from the beginning chapter, which started off with a blast! The curveballs made me bite my knuckles as I continued to read! There were moments where I had to gather myself quite a few times in reading this story, but that's what I love so much about Jeri's writing. The emotion she puts behinds these characters and their story. The trials and tribulations they had to go through to get to that perfect ending for themselves and for their forever. The relationships the characters build with each other... the relationship you build with the story made it all such a personal read. The last 100 pages had my heart pounding with so much emotion. And then an ending that left me with glee.
Oh, OH! “Yeah booooooooyeeeeee,” (said flava flav style) we had us a new vampire DJ. .. Adrian, I’m pleased to meet you! You got me with that secret… but you turned out alright! ;)
Soooo, with all this said, while the WVMP Radio Series has ended, Jeri has given us playlists throughout the series to represent the goods and will forever be 'the lifeblood rock 'n' roll.' All I have to do is hit play on my WVMP playlists and I can reminisce. Or I could re-read the series, or refer back to my reviews of Wicked Game, Bad to the Bone, Bring On the Night, Let It Bleed (3.5) and finally, Lust for Life.
If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the WVMP Radio Series, Wicked Game, Bad to the Bone, Bring On the Night, Let It Bleed (3.5), and Lust for Life … then you must put these on your TBR quick! You can also check out Jeri's WVMP short stories.
These books are full of craving, obsession, music, love, passion, devastation, confusion, misery... and happiness. Thank you Jeri for always giving your readers awesome stories, filled with every emotion possible, radical music, and beautiful words. Thank you for 'the lifeblood of rock 'n' roll.'

One last thing... Shane, I gotch yo pancakes ;) *bounces eyebrows* “McGriffin”… Love it!