Tuesday, November 8, 2011

REVIEW- Bad to the Bone by Jeri Smith-Ready

You can review the synopsis for Bad to the Bone by Jeri Smith-Ready (via Goodreads) by clicking on the title. 

Well we be a son of a banshee… she’s done it again! We’re telling ya’ll, Jeri is a master-mind! I mean really, we can’t help but go all fan girlies on her and those mad writing skills she possesses. We love, love, love being sucked in Jeri’s fictional world. We absolutely adore it!

Bad to The Bone (book 2 of the WVMP Radio Series) by Jeri Smith-Ready is filled with pure epicness and passion. It’s totally a sexy, thrilling, suspenseful read. The WVMP DJs continue to live for the music… their lifeblood of rock n’ roll. A few new characters are introduced, while an unexpected character from book 1 (Wicked Game) returns. Pasts comes back to haunt, trying once again to destroy WVMP, a devastated loss occurs (tears up- WAAAAA!), true natures are revealed, relationships blossom, a mind-blowing, steamy dream occurs, and some H-O-T sex takes place! (I mean really- go get an extinguisher and put that fiyah down there out! O_O)

*Sighs Dreamily* Shane is such a smooth operator and my, my, my- what a mighty fine vamp he is! While reading BttB we visualized what his voice sounds like- sexy, soft, and deep. We get to see the religious and family oriented side of him and we find out that Ciara makes a sacrifice for the man she loves. She also discovers the truth behind her blood and her family.  And then you have this appalling scary-religious organization trying to destroy vampires.

With all that said, can the station be saved… again? The plot and sub-plots are just wow… we don’t even know what else to say, so… WOW!! Oh, and of course Bad to the Bone swanks 5 steamy stars!! You wouldn’t think any different, would you?

Kimberly & Britney

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