Monday, January 21, 2013

REVIEW ~ Such A Rush by Jennifer Echols

You can view the synopsis for Such A Rush by Jennifer Echols by clicking the title via Goodreads.

Leah was raised in trailer parks all of her life, and she pretty much supported herself since the age of 14. She was ridiculed by most for her lifestyle, no one ever really taking a chance to get to know how lovely she is, well accept for her one friend Molly, eventually the twins, and Mr. Hall. Readers should envy her because she didn't let any of that high school bully drama control the goals and decisions she made for herself. She didn't let anyone or anything stop her from accomplishing her dream. It didn't stop her from having pride. And THAT is what made this story so beautiful and this girl deserved so much acknowledgement. Leah truly has wings.

Let me tell you something about Leah- the girl was real. She didn't hide behind some facade to be anyone else, but herself. HIGH FIVES TO YOU GIRL! *Smack* The slang this girl had to deal with made me ill. Effing bullies, grrrrrrrrrr!

Reading this book was quite an experience for me, because I'm not a fan AT. ALL. of flying. I've flown a couple of times and I shake like a dang chihuahua the entire time. But you know what? After reading Such A Rush by Jennifer Echols, it possibly gave me a little faith in being future airborne, baby! Maybe! *Bites nails* Plus, if I get to be around Grayson and Alec, then I want to join the mile high club (in a PG-13, YAish kind of way!)!

This story was a dreamy, flipping fantastic tense read, tragic at times. The author's writing style is simple and breath taking. It's been three months since I've read this book (late in posting reviews) and I still can't get the story or it's MC's out of my head, making it in the top 5 of my favorite reads in 2012. I have such a beautiful respect for this book. The character development was extremely gush-worthy. It was all in there- lots of self discovery, mourning, denial, presumptions, anticipation, betrayal, and reciprocation among characters and so much want and need! There were twin guys in there--EEP! Grayson was brave, adventurous and enjoys a good rush- a bit harsh at times, while Alec was calm and collective- a smoooth operator. One of them sported a straw cowboy hat and aviators. I normally don't go for boys with that look, but saddle up Grayson, lemme take you for a ride--- yeeee-haaaw!!! I was questionable at times about Leah and Molly's friendship, but it was legit. From chapter 2 until the last page, I was hanging on by the edge of my seat, trying not to bite all of the skin off my lips! The title stands up to every word in this book- SUCH A RUSH! It was a pleasure reading about Leah, her story, and her supporting characters. You definitely will read and crush over this book! It's for sure an adrenaline pumping read!

I have a feeling, and will confirm with reading more Jennifer Echols books, that she will quickly become a favorite author of mine! Now, go! Go get your read on! *Says Missy Elliot style*