Monday, January 21, 2013

REVIEW ~ Blood Born by Jamie Manning

You can view the synopsis for Blood Born, book one of the Blood Prophecy Series by Jamie Manning by clicking the title via Goodreads.

Jamie Manning takes us on Ava's journey as a hybrid vampire in this YA paranormal mystery. She has what other vampires crave, humanity. And it makes her a target. Her memory loss doesn't help her situation either. 
Jamie guided us straight to the story and Ava jumped in her role quickly. 

See... bad things happen, right? Sometimes we have no control of what happens in our lives. But, have no fear, cause this chick Ava will take control. And shes going to fix it; maybe ;) 

Ava is a spitfire. I had no doubt that the girlpire could take care of herself. Plus, she had an instant, electrifying sidekick. Mr green-eyed, love-muscled Chance. The mysterious secrets he held over Ava kept me flipping those pages and so did the motives of Aldric. I really liked Chance. He didn't come off as some bad ass hottie. He was compassionate and had a calming sense to him. He was sincere and had green eyes and curly hair. Yum!! And Kayla, Ava's friend, is a friend every one should have. I also enjoyed reading the interaction between Ava, Kayla and the twins. I may have developed a slight crush on Erik? He had that hot, quirky dude thing going but was confident. 

Ava and her crew are going to have to go through one hell of a fight. Ava's got quite a mission to accomplish if she wants to be amongst the living, as in mortal, again. Chance is by her side, but can she trust him? Will Adric help her? And does Ava have the skillz to pay her billz?

Then, oh hell, the ending!! Cliffhanger much, Jaimie?


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  1. I've had this on my Kindle for awhile and tried starting it the other day but I wasn't in the mood for a vampire novel so I didn't get through the first chapter. I'll have to give it another try.