Wednesday, January 23, 2013

REVIEW ~ Love Story by Jennifer Echols

You can view the synopsis for Love Story by Jennifer Echols by clicking the title via Goodreads.

It's confirmed (see the ending of my review for Such A Rush by Jennifer Echols). I repeat, Charlie Oscar November Foxtrot India Romeo Mike Echo Delta that Jennifer Echols is officially part of my favorite author group, joining Jeri Smith-Ready, Jandy Nelson, Gayle Forman, Carolyn Crane, Cassandra Clare, Laini Taylor, Melissa De La Cruz, and I'm sure there's a few more. It's a good group to be in Jennifer :).

My reading friends had been recommending Jennifer's books to me. After reading Such A Rush and raving over it so much, I traveled to Birmingham, AL to meet my #cyberBFF/blogging partner, Britney and we attended the Southern Magic Romance Writer's of America Luncheon where I got to meet and fan girl over Jennifer Echols. And I got to meet Jamie Manning, AND I won a FABULOUS gift basket from Jennifer Echols containing most of her books, signed! FWIW, Mrs. Echols can rock a tiara!!

Love Story was interestingly put together. It was like 2 stories in 1 - a story about the character, then a story about the character's story she's writing. And it's a double love story-- Hense the title, Love Story. Ding, ding, ding--- we get a double dose of love!! This author has humongous loads of talent to have been able to incorporate between the two stories and for the flow to have been so graceful. Totally captivating! Her writing... it just makes me feel good. I can't wait to start reading more of Jennifer Echols books!

Erin, the MC, was a writer and was preparing her book to get get critiqued in writing class. She based her story on realistic events of her life, but wrote it in historical fiction form. What didn't happen in those events of her life, could happen in the story she wrote. Most stories get their happy ending, but will Erin realistically get her happily ever after?

I loved the way I ached for Erin in the sense that she longed for a character in her book that she based on someone from her past. And then these awkward events start taking place in her life and you cringe, and smile, then cringe again, then smile some more. There were quite a few "Houston, we have a problem" moments in this book. I mean, I would totally crap myself if I were in Erin's shoes and a certain someone pops up in my writing class--and then to have them be involved in critiquing my work?! *DIES* Mortification with a capital M!

Erin was full of sarcasm that left me in laughter and Hunter reminds me of why I'm always on the "hunt" for a swoony, manipulative, fictional boy toy. And then Hunter did.... oh gosh- you gotta go read this... It's been over a month since I've read Love Story and it's all hitting me like it did when I read it.

You are gonna grit your teeth in longing, aggrevation, desire, curiosity, and... hold up, What the fu beeeep?" What you think isn't, and what isn't, is! There was some betrayal in there too folks and it hits in all directions. You will spread your lips into a smile at all the happy parts. And there were a few moments that caught my breath and left me squirming in delight.

Erin handled her distress well. I gotta give her that! If in some other life I'm in the same situation, I hope I'd handle it like her. And I hope my story would end in the way a love story should.

This book made me realize that when sometimes things go wrong in your life- like a should-a, could-a, would'a kinda thing... that you long for them to be so good.

Peeps, if you haven't already, go read Love Story by Jennifer Echols.

More reviews to come on this amazing author's work. Stay tuned!



  1. Holy crap! look at the basket of goodies! Is Going Too Far int here? READ IT!!!! lol It's my favorite of them all.

  2. i love her books! they are sooo good! I'm stopping by from Karen's post about fave bloggers!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Carrie!! JE def has some skills!! I'll be reading all of her work.