Wednesday, November 9, 2011

REVIEW- Bring on the Night by Jeri Smith-Ready

You can view the synopsis for Bring on the Night by Jeri Smith-Ready (via Goodreads) by clicking on the title.

Slap our ass and call us pizzazz!! Bring on the Night (book 3 in the WVMP Radio Series) by Jeri Smith-Ready is ONE BIG EVENT!  *GASPS* I mean whoa… WHOA!! Vampires, a male stripper, dead bodies, psychic necromancers, zombies, graveyards, bells ringing, diseases, new beginnings, betrayals, lust, sex, IN THE FREAKIN’ SHOWER, and finger explorin’… slow down now, take a breath! *Breathes*

Shane and Ciara are still in love. David finds much deserved happiness. We find out about a secret division within The Control- The Immanence Corps and what lies within it and who manages it. Jim has become a few fries short of a happy meal and is totally wiggin’. You get to see a devoted side to Regina and a WTF side to Monroe. And holy balls of fury a life changing incident takes place.

BotN was a total page turner filled with gasps and emotions of all sorts…. And we were like, “Noooooooo!!!!” And “WHAAAAA???” Then, “YESSSSSSSSS!” Then, “WHOAAAAAA !”

We can’t wait for the fourth and final novel, Lust for Life to be released in fall of 2012. Don’t forget to check out the novella, Let It Bleed on Jeri’s website (she posts chapters each month) and the tie-in short stories Crossroads, Rave On, When the Music’s Over, and Last Request. Jeri also has an anthology,  "Thief"in Eternal: Love Stories with Bite, about Ciara’s traveler cousins. 

Did you possibly think Britney and I could close out this review without fan girling on Jeri? WE LOVE YOU JERI!! YOU ROCK HARD! I (Kimberly) love Jeri sooo much that I was brave to serenade the fangtasticly hot Shane McAllister by singing and making a video for him. You can see it here.

Thanks to all who participated in the WVMPRead Along hosted by Living-Fictitiously, Fictitious Delicious, And Many toRead Before I Sleep and What’s on the Bookshelf. Check out the wrap-up post and enter the super awesome Feed The Need Giveaway by clicking here. You didn’t have to participate in the read along to enter, although you get extra points if you did!

Guess… guess how many stars Bring on the Night will boast? 5 gasping, panting stars!!!

Kimberly & Britney

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