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Release Day! LAST IMPRESSIONS by AJ Aalto + special content

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LAST IMPRESSIONS is going to be a movie! Ok, not really. But the book has been cast by author AJ Aalto herself! Want to know who she envisions as Harry? What about Marnie or Kill-Notch? Check out the fabulous cast of Last Impressions by CLICKING HERE! 


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Standing amidst a pile of cardboard boxes, most of them open and partly disembowelled, Harry was waggling a phone at me urgently; when I flipped off the music, he smiled.
“The Orc Quarter is on fire, love,” he informed me. “The fire chief like you to pop over and take a peek.”
I felt my brow knit. “I’m sorry, the what?”
“The Orc Quarter in Schenectady.”
“Schenectady,” I said, seeking clarification, “New York...”
“Just the place, yes.”
 “Has an Orc Quarter?”
“Well, I assume they must have, ducky, if the Schenectady Fire Department is ringing you up to attend to it,” he chided and then tried to hand me the phone. When I scowled at it, he clucked his tongue.
“There are two preternatural biology labs in Manhattan, and a branch of Gold-Drake & Cross,” I said. “Why do they want me?”
“One wonders,” he agreed. “Shall I inquire?” I rolled my eyes; Harry mistook this as a request, and spoke into the phone. “Might one inquire as to why you are requesting the presence of Ms. Baranuik of all people?”
I sighed and downed the rest of my espresso, wishing there was more; I had a feeling I was going to need it.
Harry relayed, “The fire chief says the Schenectady police have one resident in custody and he is refusing to talk to anyone but the Litenvecht Späckkenhuggar.”
I waited for the rest of it. When there wasn’t any more, I prompted, “And?”
“Apparently, ducky, that would be you.”
“I’m the Licken-Vicken Spackle-Hugger?” I pointed at my chest with a gloved finger. “I am?”
“Quite so.”
“What the hell is a Lite-Brite Spunk-Shucker?”
 “Since the Orc language is a largely borrowed tongue, and Orcs originated in the area now known as Sweden, I’m going to translate the phrase roughly as either ‘small killer whale’ or ‘little Orc killer.’”
My jaw dropped. “But I’m not the little Orc killer.”
“This I know.”
“I’ve never even seen an Orc outside of blurry videos and a preserved foetus in an UnBio lab library.”
“This does not surprise me in the least. Nevertheless, the fire chief would like you on site as soon as possible, and when you’re done with that, the Schenectady police have an Orc in custody with whom you should speak.” When I did not take the phone from his outstretched hand, he noted, “My heavens, but your entrepreneurial spirit certainly does leave much to be desired.”
I was tempted to answer the phone with “how did you get this number?” but I figured that might not be good customer service. Instead, I listened for sounds of drooling or panting or chewing on the other end, and when I heard no such monster noises, I cleared my throat.
"Hi, there! I'm the Licken-Spicken Spacken-Hacker, how may I help you this morning?”

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