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By: A.J. Aalto
Publication Date: April 30, 2013
Source: Digital ARC provided for honest review

Marnie Baranuik is back, and this time, the Great White Shark of psychic investigations has “people skills” and a new assistant who seems to harbor an unhealthy curiosity about Harry, her revenant companion. Together, they’ve got a whole lot of questions that need answering. Is an ancient vampire hunting in Denver? Who is stalking Lord Dreppenstedt? How do you cure a slipper-humping bat, ditch an ogre, or give a demon king the slip? And what the hell was she thinking, swearing off cookies?

Teaming up with her sexual nemesis, Special Agent Mark Batten, and their long-suffering supervisor, Gary Chapel, Marnie discovers that vampire hunters aren’t easy to rescue, secrets don’t stay buried, and zombies sure are a pain in the ass to kill.



OMG! OMG! OMG! So, I was kinda already obsessed with Marnie and Harry and Mark Batten, but now, I am totally and utterly enraptured by this snarky, witty, and at times completely obscene threesome! They all drive me insane, yet I can never seem to pull myself away from them, and DEATH REJOICES was consuming. 

At times, Marnie's responses to events left me belly laughing so hard I was nearly in tears. You just cannot find her humor anywhere else. AJ Aalto has produced such an amazing character in Marnie and I just wish that I could pull her out of the pages and introduce myself. You know, maybe bake some cookies, or well brownies since I'm kind of attached to Batten, and pick her brain. Not in the zombie sense! I really don't want a zombie Marnie, the conversation just wouldn't be the same! Anyhoo... what was I saying? Oh yea, chatting with Marnie would be the most fascinating conversation of my life. While I love her humor and innuendo, I think it's quite obvious she uses it as a shield against her insecurities, and I'm really hoping that eventually someone cracks that nut. 

I'm curious to see where things go in the next book... so I might have to hunt AJ down and threaten her with zombie infection to make sure book 3 gets here sooner rather than later. I'm not sure how long I could possibly wait. There are just sooo many questions I want answers to! I'm kind of demanding that way! I can tell how much fun AJ has writing these books, because I have so much fun reading them. The writing is creative and captivating, and I have to admit that I've never, ever read another book/author that had me so enthralled and invested in the characters. 

AND... while this is an adult novel complete with sex and plenty of sexual innuendo (which I don't mind in the least) the story can complete stand on its own without those elements. It's not all about the sex, although the innuendo and desire is an integral part of Marnie's character, the sexual themes do not drive the story. This is not erotica and I wouldn't even classify it as romance, it's Supernatural, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Mystery with a "lust triangle" build in. A "lust triangle" that I really hope gets explored even more deeply in the future, because I'm extremely interested in the feelings that Marnie appears to be hiding. 

Ok ok, I will quit rambling. But seriously, this is one of my favorite series! And an amazing sequel! I'm so excited to be able to share it with all of you. So, if you've been hiding under a rock or just haven't stumbled on to THE MARNIE BARANUIK FILES yet, please please please pick up a copy of book 1, TOUCHED! Oh, and A.J. assures me that Book 3, titled LAST IMPRESSIONS is in the works and coming soon, complete with new team members! By now, you are all probably aware that I RARELY ramble on this long about a book, so take the hint please and check it out. 

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