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Last Impressions Character Casting & Review

Are you like me? Do you like to picture who would play the characters your're reading about in a book? Well, I do it all the time, and I am so excited that AJ Aalto, author of The Marnie Baranuik Files has graciously shared her dream cast for book 3: Last Impressions.  So, who does this amazing (yet freakishly strange at times) writer picture playing her characters? Read on to find out!

Dream Cast for Last Impressions


Don't they all make a very beautiful cast?!
Trust me, if this book was going to be a movie, AJ has picked the perfect cast! She did mention that Jason Statham was selected as Agent Mark Batten (and I quote) "on account of his resting jerk face." Also, she think's Agent Gary Chapel has more hair than Mitch Pileggi, but he's got the overall look going for him. If you haven't read the book yet, I can't wait for you to meet Combat Butler and Constable Shenck. Keep reading for my review!

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Oh yea! She’s done it again! AJ Aalto has written a sparkling yet freakish tale of ghosts, poltergeists, and a creepy priest with ghost-sniffing dogs. (Weird right?) But sticking to tradition, Marnie has gotten herself into some hot doodie! And this time, she’s in Canada. Yep, after a little trouble back home, Marnie decides to head “home” to help solve a case.

As usual, she’s full of wit and sarcasm and well… trouble. But we get a glimpse at a different side of Marnie as well. She has some serious moments, and I think she might actually be growing up. Ok, that might be going a little far, but she is seriously starting to consider some options. I mean, this time she’s in over her head, but that’s not about to stop her. She takes names (literally, although it takes some time to figure out who’s name’s she’s taking), kicks some butt, well really it’s invisible butt, but… That’s a lot of buts.

Ok, ok… seriously, there is something that is so spectacular about this book that makes it completely stand out from all of the other adventures Marnie has tackled. What it is you ask? IT’S ME! No really. I’m in this book. It’s pretty freakin’ cool if I do say so myself. Ok, so that might not be that interesting to you, but (there’s another one!) I promise as I read I told my husband, “There’s my name! Oh… there it is again. And…” You get the idea.

Anyway, in short, this is of course another CAN’T MISS read. I think readers will really begin to see a different side of Marnie and another character favorite of mine: Agent Mark Batten (aka Kill-Notch). Yep, we learn a little more about him too. And of course there’s Harry (and now I’m picturing Jude Law speaking non-sense and backing brownies). So get ready! Because you’ll want to grab Last Impressions as soon as it hits the shelves on June 13th!

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