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THE THIEF REDEEMER by Leigh Clary Abdou - Review

Author: Leigh Clary Abdou
Release: September 9, 2013
Age Group/Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Source: Provided by the author in exchange for honest review.

Book Description
Brandon Wilson is trouble.

As leader of the largest car theft ring in Atlanta, GA, life is coming at him faster than he can handle. While the criminal world views him at the top of his game, the truth is, he’s breaking apart, piece by piece. He’s not sure how much more he can take before he completely shatters.

He’s able to manage this facade until he meets Claire Peters. As a part of a kidnapping scheme gone bad, she’s literally delivered right to his warehouse door. As his love for her grows, Brandon finds himself caught in an impossible dilemma. With his lifestyle, he knows he can’t keep Claire, and yet, he can’t risk letting her go, either. His men think he should make her disappear forever, but she’s his angel who still believes in second chances.

Can someone be so lost they’re beyond saving? And if salvation is possible, how does Claire show him the way?

Can a thief be redeemed?

This book was fascinating, and the risk involved kept me riveted to every page. I really came to like Brandon as a character. The author did an amazing job of bringing him to life. It’s not easy to make a car thief relatable to the everyday reader, but Ms. Abdou truly did a great job. Brandon is tough on the outside and extremely rough around the edges; however, he’s got a good heart and the balance involved in developing this within such a tough character is impressive.
The book has a great and intriguing story line. Brandon’s life mirrors that of a car chase in that he knows it’s only a matter of time before the chase ends. While there is a wonderful love story that is going on, and believe me, it’s a very interesting concept, the central focus is the redemption of the criminal. This book makes the reader really think about how Brandon is viewed. How his world has be defined and determined by circumstances both within and out of his control.
One thing I really liked about the book is that it is primarily from Brandon’s POV. It’s not as common for a female author to write from the male perspective, and I really like Brandon’s view; however, we get glimpses from Claire’s view as well. This threw me for a little bit of a loop the first time as it doesn’t happen until well into the book. But it’s important to the story, and serves as an asset to the reader. You wouldn’t be reading the same book if it was entirely from Brandon’s POV.
If you’re looking for a book with high stakes with a little bit of a twist on the love story, The Thief Redeemer is an excellent choice. Pick up your copy today!

About the Author
Leigh Clary Abdou is a graduate from the University of Georgia and wrote her first book in the third grade. That story, along with a collection of poems and other books, can still be found in their original location - a purple Trapper Keeper.
When Leigh isn’t writing, she’s reading or watching reruns of Friends and Sex and the City. She considers being a wife and mother her life’s greatest accomplishments.
The Thief Redeemer is her debut novel.

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