Tuesday, October 29, 2013

REVIEW ~ Rift by Cindi Madsen

Summer Davis is a Cipher, a person chosen to help people resolve problems with their loved ones before they die. She’s just gotten her second job when weirder-than-usual things start happening. There seems to be a rift between her and the afterlife, and she’s seeing things she shouldn’t, including people who have already passed on. As she struggles to help her new assignment, Liam, make amends with his incarcerated father, she finds it hard to balance being a high school student, Cipher, and girlfriend.

Troy’s been nothing but supportive, but Summer can see her secret weighs on him, and she worries the more she tells him, the sooner he’ll decide he can’t deal with her freaky life. But when a murderer is thrown into the mix, and the girl he killed keeps asking Summer for help, she’ll risk everything to make sure the guy gets what he deserves.

The cover of Rift by Cindi Madsen is just as amazing as the first book in the series, Cipher.

"I just want to pretend to be a normal high school girl who makes out with her boyfriend in the parking lot before school."

Summer's ability isn't sugar coated gumdrops. Her tasks continue to be a burden to her, but the harmony she gives the nearly departed completes their last wish for a peaceful passing. What a beautiful gift to them.

I feel for Summer. Many emotions come with her responsibilities and then she has her own personal matters to deal with. On top of that, she has an unexpected addition to her intuition. She hears and sees the dead. Some visions a sight for sore eyes; death a lurking distraction, with a creepy killer in arm's reach. I have chills just thinking about it! Cindi Madsen has her readers visualizing those scenes as if they are witnessing it for themselves. Ooo weeee Summer Dear, stay out of them grave yards with all that vision cray cray going on. I'd a shot out of there like a 22 straight out of a barrel.

Ikes! Summer has her work cut out for her in the second novel in the Cipher series, Rift. Time lines, drama, mediating, decisions, complications, fear, curiosity, responsibility, frustration ... It's all so much. Way too much for a teen to deal with. Then she's blasted with her current assignment bringing back painful memories of the loss of her late mother. How would she be able to bring peace to a criminal and not hate him instead? Summer was in a very tricky situation. I have to say I was very impressed with how she was able to handle it. It wasn't easy, and rightfully so.

With all of that said, her boyfriend Troy isn't too thrilled with the other person she has to mediate with. Liam is a total flirt; easy to get attached to. So, we have some tension in da house to leave you with some wondering and second guessing.

Troy got hotter in Rift, totally rip. The fact that he's a drummer is definitely a turn on. And I liked reading about his jealous side. He really is one supportive, serene beau. I'd hook line and sink his ass if I were Summer.

Between the challenge of Summer's assignment and her destiny causing a rocky relationship, hopefully devastation will steer clear.

I am glad the author continued Ashlyn's memory. She was a character I really liked in Cipher. We were introduced to a new character in Rift, Mercedes, who I really enjoyed. I enjoy the friendships that Cyndi includes in her writing. Romance is always a plus to have, but throw in some great friendships and that makes a really good book for me.

And OMG Cindi!! You had to end it with Troy. Hot dammit girl! Don't you make me wait no year to find out!! And for the love of curiosity and anticipation--- make Summer and Troy boink!! ;;))

Cindi is an all around cool gal and a great author. I've said it before in my reviews of her previous books and I'll say it again- her writing is original, entertaining and written with plenty emotion. I'll always look forward to reading her books and showing my support for a fantastic author.

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