Thursday, April 19, 2012

Because Everything's Better with a Cute Puppy

Happy Friday All! I thought the cute puppy would soften you all up. :)

I wanted to share some great news with all you fabulous followers. On Monday, I start a brand, spanking new job! Yep, I'm all grown up! Not that I haven't been working, obviously I have bills to pay, but I've finally reached one of my career goals, which is to, you guessed it... start a career. So, with my new career I expect to be very busy for the next several months. What does this mean... well, I'm not really sure. I expect the next few weeks at least to be focused on all things career. So you may not hear as much from me here on the blog. Don't worry, Kim is still around and I will still be keeping all my prior commitments including reviewing and blog tours. Just be patient with me if I'm not around as much. I will still answer e-mails, questions in the comments, etc. and I will be around on Facebook and Twitter to a limited degree. I'm very excited to start this next chapter in my life, and so happy to share my good news with all of you. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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