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ADULT REVIEW- Aspect of Crow Trilogy (Eyes of Crow, Voice of Crow, The Reawakened) by Jeri Smith-Ready

You can view the synopsis for Aspect of Crow Trilogy: Eyes of Crow (Book 1), Voice of Crow (Book 2), and The Reawakened (Book 3) by Jeri Smith-Ready by clicking the titles (via Jeri Smith-Ready’s website).

Book bloggers… have you ever contemplated on doing a review because you were scared you couldn’t do the book/series justice? That’s how I feel right about now. But I’m going to beat that fear, because that’s what Rhia would want me to do. Plus, this series deserves to be reviewed and I’m going to do the best I can in telling you all how amazing Aspect of Crow (AoC) Trilogy was. Be sure to click on the titles above for an in-depth synopsis of each book.

Jeri Smith-Ready has done it again folks. Just when I thought my fan-girldom over her reached its peaked level, I was wrong. I’m a total author groupie for this woman and I stand proud admitting it. Her writing is beautiful and captivating; totally lures you in on the first chapter of every.single.book. She doesn’t disappoint her readers at giving them a fascinating, visual image as they read along with the thrill and chill factors. I swear to you people, I kiss the literary ground this woman walks on! An author has never mesmerized me in their fictional worlds such as Jeri Smith-Ready. I get so emotionally sucked into her writing.

It’s been over a week since I read AoC and I can’t get this dramatic, magical story about spiritual revolution or its characters out of my head. It’s a total conscious binding read. I read these books so carefully, savoring each word. Although at times, I must admit I had to fight my urge to rush through it to find out what happened next. But, I would take a deep breath and tell myself to relish this read. You were swept into a fictional land like no other. These books were a stunning, powerful read and the story was full of destiny. There were so many interesting concepts. It’s hard to put it in words how much the narrative captivated me- beyond amazing. While reading, every possible emotion you could have as a reader was experienced physically, spiritually, and mentally. You will find yourself investing all of your sight and mind into this compelling series. At times while I read, I had become an emotional wreck… even inconsolable at times. One paragraph I was crying due to grief, the other paragraph I cried for contentment. With all the tenseness I held in my stomach, I’m surprised I don’t have a six pack! When a writer can capture your emotions like that, happy or sad or both; I think it’s absolutely beautiful.

The main characters were brilliant and were true warriors. Jeri did an exceptional job at voicing them. The first book, Eyes of Crow was written in first person. The second (Voice of Crow) and third (The Reawakened) books held multiple, dominant point of views, which flowed effortlessly. Each character possessed a spiritual trait, an aspect in which a guardian spirit would claim them to have special abilities. Remember- what happens in the forest during the bestowing of your spirit, stays in the forest. Rhia wasn’t proud of her aspect. It frightened her in the beginning and she was scared for her sanity. Her spirit involved her to turn death into an acceptable part of life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her struggle through her fears and conquering them to become what she was meant to be.You see her blossom into a courageous woman and guide her people and lands to peace both in life and death. The female characters possessed strong heroinism (Is that a word?) and the male characters were so MANtastic! Arcas was a guy who would make a girl swoon over manure. For reals! I adored his adoration towards Rhia and he was very devoted. Malek, oooooooooh Malek. He was everything he needed to be for Rhia. A handsome man to make you feel safe, he was funny, so loyal and would do ANYTHING for his family. From now on, when I gaze at the moon, I’ll think of him. (Jeri has a way with her characters that make me associate them with physical things, lol) The intensity and passion Rhia and Malek shared was so realistic that it struck me to the core of my heart. Alanka had so many qualities a sister and best friend should have. Filip, you spunky thing… you made me proud. He was a character I grew to love. Lycas was a true brother and a strong warrior committed to his lands. DRAVEK… I never thought a snake could be so hot. You are sssssssssultry!! Every time I read about him, he took my breath away. And Suri, I loved seeing you embrace your gift and the strong power and burning desire (literally) you and Dravek shared. There were many other characters that awestruck me as well.

Many thanks to Janette (@jderucki) and Karen (@teamsheltie – blogger extraordinaire For What It’s Worth) for offering all of their support to me while reading. Lots of hugs and Kleenex were given to me. I couldn’t have gotten through this read without them. Jeri, thank you for your story full of mysticism, revenge, faith, fear, anticipation, sacrifices, friendship, choices, peace, comfort, revolution, unity, triumph, gratitude, devotion (did I cover it all?) and for my hug when I reached out to you.

The Aspect of Crow Trilogy surpassed an enjoyable read for me. It *is* my most favorite read of any genre thus far. These books had me wrapped around their spines. After you read Eyes of Crow, Voice of Crow, and The Reawakened, be sure to read Jeri’s short stories Storm Reaper and The Wild’s Call. You can also find out your spirit animal by taking the quiz on Jeri’s website as well.

Without a doubt, I give Aspect of Crow Trilogy 5 spiritual stars. 

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  1. Well you already know this is my favorite series EVER. I can't imagine anything would ever top it. And I don't think I could handle any series emotionally that could.
    This series wrecked me. In the best possible way. Like you, I loved Jeri's writing before this but......it's just amazing writing that cut to my very soul. I wish more people would read it and I can't believe this was her FIRST series.
    I'm so happy you loved it and made it though the experieince.