Thursday, March 15, 2012

MASSIVE GIVEAWAY from Laura Kreitzer

Laura Kreitzer, author of the Timeless and Summer Chronicles series, is having a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY! During the next six weeks (March 1st-April 14th), her ebook downloads/sales will determine if she will be giving away the following:
—74 books (15 of those signed)
—2 Kindles
—A manuscript edit of 90k words or advanced reading copies of Fallen Legion and Burning Falls before ANYONE (even reviewers) receives them
—1 Mac mini
—A food date with me
—And, if all goes well, a Top Secret prize ::evil laughter::

Now, that sounds fantastic right? Well, check out all the info from Laura below, and be sure to read all the way through. There are some rules (for obvious reasons) and at the end, Laura has provided a little fun character info! So, here's all the deets from Laura:
Are you wondering how this is going to work? I mean, how the heck am I going to survive if I’m giving everything away, right? Well, there will be stipulations, but I have faith in my fans and followers. Here’s how it’s going to go—are you ready?
Rule 1: I will give away one of the prizes above for every 1,000 of my ebooks that are downloaded up to 30,000 (this will be all website sales/downloads combined and includes free and purchased downloads, but not illegal downloads). See below for a schedule for the giveaways.
Rule 2: The larger prizes will only be given away at the 40,000, 60,000, 100,000, and 200,000 marks of my ebooks being downloaded.
Rule 3: Share links to my ebooks and this giveaway (you may use my shortened links below). More ebook downloads=more prizes. And since two of my ebooks are already free at the major retailors, helping to spread the love should be painless.
Rule 4: This giveaway is international (unless your country has laws about shipping certain items). The only exception is the 100,000 giveaway, for obvious reasons.
Rule 5: You can win more than once, but if I find your name duplicated on the form, you will automatically be disqualified from the drawing until I have the chance to remove the duplicates. And does it look like I have time to do that? Also, you must be older than 13 to sign up.
Rule 6: Fill out THIS FORM to be added into the giveaway. I will start announcing winners on the 15th because I already have a few thousand ebook downloads under my belt for the month of March. (I will update these numbers in a widget that I will put on the website in the next few days so you can see where I am at in the downloads department.)

Thanks for all the MASSIVE FUN Laura! I'm looking forward to seeing those prizes!

Here are links & you are more than welcome to share . . .
Link to this giveaway:
Laura's other books:
Timeless Series:
Summer Chronicles:

Now, remember that little character info I mentioned? Here are some "quickie" profiles of characters in Shadow of the Sun that Laura was so kind to provide. These were created for the narrator (Tavia Gilbert).
Sally – Gabriella’s assistant at Zelko Corp.
Age: 19
Voice: American, indistinct accent. Nasally, over-confident know-it-all mentality (Think The Nanny’s voice, though not as annoying)
Birthday: 1990
Appearance: Medium length curly, bright-red hair. Plump. Around 5’4”
Special skill: Special ability to annoy all and cause unnecessary trouble
Occupation: Dr. Moretti’s personal assistant. Works at Zelko Corporation in Oretown, OR, but has no clearance of top-secret files. Later in the series she is moved from one facility after another for work.
Backstory: Sally grew up in Oretown and despises it. She refused to go to college after she scored her job at Zelko Corp and now regrets it—therefore torturing Gabriella because she is jealous.
Extracurricular activities:  Surprisingly, she loves to read.

Special Agent Joseph Carter – aka “Joey” as a joke
Age: 29
Voice: American accent. Tone is usually spirited bordering on surfer dude with a medium pitch (Think age 18-19 instead of 29)
Birthday: February 29, 1980
Appearance: roughly 6’3, light brown hair, dark mysterious eyes, straight white teeth
Occupation: FBI Agent, oversees the P.I. (Paranormal Investigations) laboratory in D.C.
Special skill/skills: Gabriella’s Keeper (not discovered until book 2). Bravery.
Backstory: Joseph was born and raised in Palm Bay, Florida where he lived with his parents and his older brother. Joseph went away to college at Florida State University on a swimming scholarship where he graduated with a double degree: Criminal Justice and Psychology. Joseph joined the FBI right out of college. Joseph is sent on the trip to retrieve the angels’ bodies from Oregon. Joseph becomes friends with Gabriella and eventually is accepted into the clique of angels.
Extracurricular activities:  Basketball, swimming, snow skiing with brother & family in CO

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