Thursday, November 10, 2011

REVIEW- Delirium by Lauren Oliver

You can view the synopsis for Delirium by Lauren Oliver (via Goodreads) by clicking the title.

 A few weeks back, I had a nine hour drive home from Atlanta, Georgia. Good thing I downloaded the audio book Delirium, by LaurenOliver, narrated by Sarah Drew- who did a fabulous job narrating. Good thing I listened to it. I was quick to realize the entire buzz that had been buzzing about this book!

Can you imagine living in a world without love? In Delirium, the government has banned love and is considered taboo, a disease called deliria. You are given the cure by your eighteenth birthday. You better hope you don’t catch the disease until you receive the cure are you’re in a world of punishment. Before the cure, you are interviewed then matched to an arranged marriage. Once you get the cure (works in most cases), you don’t know what love is, what pain is; no sentiment what so ever.

Lena was excited about receiving the cure, until she met Alex that is. Alex is such a total knight and shining armor kinda guy with a total yum factor! And that’s when the story got intense and I was clenching my hands against the steering wheel anticipating on what happened next. Can Lena fight the disease or will she surrender?

Wow Ms. Oliver… look what you did to me: The ending nearly made my ass wreck... seriously not joking! I was all like what the frickin' fruck and I nearly missed my exit and had to slam brakes on the interstate. Needless to say I scared the shit out of myself, almost gave my mother a myocardial infarction, and burned rubber off my brand new tires! Thank the Interstate God there wasn’t a vehicle on my rear, or it would have been straight up it. Yep... so Delirium officially burned rubber on me. *sings song*

Soooo… holy freakin’ heart attack, this book was Tony the Tiger grrrrrrrrrrreat and I give it 5 stars. Code blue, code blue… I need Pandemonium, book 2 STAT!!



  1. I've had this book forever! I really need to read it sometime soon. I might wait until I get Pandemonium too and read then together.

  2. Yes... wait til' you get Pandemonium- because the ending of Delirium was a killer! Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

  3. Yes. I have been chomping at the bit for Pandemonium. I want it NOW!