Monday, November 7, 2011

Some of the Many Reasons Why I Love Twitter

Twitter has been a most excellent source of social media for me. I originally joined twitter to follow authors whose books I’ve read and to get the latest news on their upcoming and/or current work. From there, I’ve had the opportunity to follow and be followed by some pretty awesome tweeps. That is how I met my #cyberBFF and blogging partner @BritneyWyatt who I absolutely freakin’ adore! Love her mucho grande!! Her English degree also comes in handy for her to edit the book I’m writing. We officially met a few weeks back in Atlanta and I miss her face terribly! Here's a pic!

 Anyhoo, I’ve met some awesome tweeters/bloggers who share the same love of reading I share. Of course I need to mention some of them who I tweet most (Britney is mentioned above)…@Tamsbookramble (my cyber child/#minime), @jenduffey, @EpicLynnMarie, @3fixedhearts, @lavenderwriter, @ThamyDuff, @MarissaOdom, @jenniferstrand, @AmyArlene O, @teamsheltie, @BrookeWorm33, @jderucki, @arnoldjaime13, @TheTatz, etc. (forgive me if I failed to mention your name… you know I heart you!) I’ve met these tweeps, thanks to the recent YA Crush Tournament held by @YASisterhood. We are all #TeamKilt members, supporters of Zachary and/or Logan (I’m Team ShadeBoys) from the Shade Series and admire Jeri Smith-Ready, amongst other fabulous authors.

So… three girls I mentioned above (that’s you Jen D. (@jenduffey), Lynn (@EpicLynnMarie), and Missy (@lavenderwriter / @3fixedhearts)) have a love for writing as well. Click on their names to check out their blogs. I’ve had the opportunity to read their incredible work and fall in love with their swoony characters—and their stories. I call them my favorite trio on my twitter list. I also consider them critique partners as we read eachother’s work, and well- critique.  (Tamara (@Tamsbookramble) and Marissa (@MarissaOdom) have some great story writing's as well. )

Missy (@lavenderwriter) has been practicing writing in verse. She knows how much I obsess over one of her character’s, Adam in her novel, Lavender Boys. She surprised me and sent me an email of one of her practiced verse writing’s that included me- yes me *dies* with the character I love… Adam. Oh Adam! I had to show it off and she gave me permission to post… so here it is! (Please note this will not be published, it is for fun only.) 


I like girls.
But I also like football.
And tacos.
And a lot of other things.
So that’s not saying much.

That’s what weird about what happened last night.
She sat over there. At that other table.
DeShawn, Beckett and I were eating.
She didn’t have anything on her tray.
Yes, I noticed.
She looked at me.
Three times. Our eyes met.
God, she was cute.
Not from Lake. A different school for sure.
Oh well. Leaving.
Last look.

Go back in?


Mason’s parties are insane.
Brynna McKay.
The girl of my dreams.
There she is.
Kissing the boy of her dreams. Beckett.
Where’s the keg?
Drown in my sorrow.
Pump, pump, pump for more beer.
Red plastic cup is empty.

“Can you fill mine?”
I look up? Same eyes.
Eyes so dark I could get lost. Dark blue like deep ocean water.
Empty tray girl.
God, even cuter close up.
“Hey, it’s you.”
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

“I am me,” she says.
“No, it’s you from Lou’s – the hamburger place. Wednesday night. Right?” I ask.
I hope.
Her cheeks warm.
Thoughts run through my mind as I look her up and down.
“Kim.” Her red plastic cup is now under the spigot.
Empty cup fills.
Empty heart fills. A little.
Brynna who? 


Hours pass.
She sits next to me.
Shoulders touch now.
Fingers brush.
Smiles exchanged.
She flirts. I reciprocate.
Her eyes look left.
My eyes look right.

Time to go.
She stands. Curfew.
I stand.
Across the room.
Brynna’s smile. Brynna’s laugh. Our past. My heart. Divided. Crushed. Broken.
In front of me. Kim’s eyes. Kim’s smile.
My hand brushes her arm.
Her hand touches mine.
I feel it. Everywhere.
Her fingers clasp mine.
She bites her lip.
My shoes kick into each other.

My hand pulls hers towards the door.
Outside, she points to her car.
Her friends giggle and follow.
She gives them a look.
It says wait over there.
And they do.
At her car, she opens my hand, puts the paper in and closes it.

Her eyes. Careful. Excited. Nervous. No…Excited. Yes.
I look down. (Brynna.) Across the parking lot. Beckett’s car.
In front of me. Beautiful sparkling blue eyes. New eyes. Fresh eyes.
Eyes with history – her history. Unknown history. To be explored kind of history. 


I look away while she talks to me.

I’ve never kissed Brynna.
Brynna has beautiful lips.
I have longed to kiss Brynna’s lips.
I will never kiss Brynna’s lips.


Eyes back down on her lips. Kim’s lips. Her tongue slides across them.
Her eyes sparkle up at me.
“Don’t you agree?” She asks.
Huh? I don’t know. I didn’t listen.
Don’t answer.

Hands reach up. Cup her face.
Hear her breath – she draws it in sharply. Ready. Anticipation.
I look at her. She’s beautiful. (She’s not Brynna)

Stop! Please, head, please stop. Heart, please stop.

Eyes begin to sting. No. This is not happening.
Kensington! Stop. Look at her.
Kim looks at me. Eyes soften.
Her hands move around my waist.
She feels good.
On her tiptoes now.

Do it. Now.
Lean down. Closer. Closer. Closer.
Eyes close. Lips brush. Once. Twice. Soft. Feathers.
Pull back. Eyes open. Look at her.
Her innocence – her smile.
“Hi,” she whispers.

Lean again. Eyes close. Lips touch.
Open mouth. Kiss. Good kiss.
Her arms pull me towards her.
Tongues dart back and forth. Her mouth. My mouth.
Puzzle pieces. They fit.
I draw her close.
THEY FIT. The puzzle pieces. 


We push away.
She looks at me.
Her smile is telling.
She likes me.

…I like her.
For once.
…I like the girl. The girl who is not Brynna.

One last kiss before goodbye.
She obliges.
Her kiss feels like warm cocoa on a cold Sunday morning.

Kim. Kimberly.

I like her.
“Will you call me?” She asks hopefully.
“Yes,” I say truthfully.
Open her car door. Help her into her car.
Her window rolls down. I lean in.
A notebook sits on the passenger seat.
A notebook covered in lavender hearts.
My heart jumps.
Kim’s hand touches mine.
My heart tethers.

“Okay. Oh, your number?”
“You already have it.” She smiles.
The paper she placed in my hand earlier. Oh.
My hand dives in my pocket – the paper is safe.

I stand up. Left hand in pocket. Right hand waves.
Tail lights.
Across parking lot, Brynna holds Beckett’s hand. He opens car door. She gets in.
     Close eyes. Deep breath. Open eyes. 


Reach into pocket. Retrieve paper. Open.

I don’t drink coffee but hot chocolate Sunday morning?
Xo Kimberly McKay 555-1212

Smile. Phone. Call.
“Hi. Yes. Sunday morning.”
A date. With a McKay girl who is not Brynna.

Wasn’t it adorable? Missy blew my mind with this, so I thank her from the bottom of my heart! And a quick thanks to Lynn for including my name in one of her works with one of the guys I crush over in her book... Dave- NOM, NOM, NOM!!



  1. Love this!! Thanks for the mention. I gotta've got some swoon worthy characters yourself!

  2. wow. Thank you so much for your compliment and for posting. I enjoyed writing this for you. I have a long way to go on verse. But...when I finish ALL THREE Lavender Boys, the next one I will work on is the verse. It is outlined. Anyways, thanks again. xoxoxoxo Melissa-Missy lavender hearts

  3. Hopping through. Wow, quite an interesting reading made by the verses. Glad you had a wonderful time at your planned meet up.

  4. Aaaahhh... thanks Jen- can't wait to read your thoughts and critiques.
    Lavender Writer- 2 words- YOU ROCK
    Trailsofthepen, thanks for your comment. I was thrilled at Lavender Writer's verse she did for me and thought it was great using me for a lab rat writing in verse ;)

  5. Ok, so I've been CRAZY busy and JUST saw this! Ahhh! Kim, you are my fav! Love you #cyberBFF and I miss your face! I miss Atlanta too! ;) Boy did we have some fun! (I know I'm going a little crazy with the "!" but they are appropriate!)
    Lavender Writer~ this verse is AWESOME! Love love love it!
    And all the ladies listed above are FANTASTIC! Loves to you all!

  6. Aaawww!! I lovez you! And Dave lovez you too!! What a fun post! I love our twitter/email nights and of course...HumpDayHoorah! <3