Thursday, May 22, 2014

REVIEW ~ What A Boy Needs by Nyrae Dawn

A companion novel to WHAT A BOY WANTS.

Jaden Sinclair knows he'll never amount to why would he deserve a girl like Priscilla Mendoza?

Since last summer, things have been screwed up between Jaden and Pris. He knows it's his fault, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to go a few rounds with her new boyfriend. He also knows he’s the loser his dad calls him, but it doesn’t stop him from wanting her.

After getting a huge bomb dropped on him, Jaden lashes out and lands himself in jail. Everything in his chaotic life is turned upside down and to make it worse, his mom kicks him out in order to side with his dad. Yeah, he’s totally a prize for a girl like Pris.

Sebastian, Aspen, and Pris are all going places in their lives...and he knows he can't keep tagging along for the ride.

The group has one last chance for The Epic Adventure they've been looking for: a road trip to New York, where Jaden's friends will be going to college. Unfortunately, the more time Jaden hangs around Pris, the harder it is to keep the carefully constructed walls between them so she doesn't find out what a train wreck he really is.

When the trip ends, Jaden has to decide if he's ready to say goodbye to his friends, and the girl he loves. He knows what he needs, but will he be man enough to go for it?


Sebastian!! Oh how I've missed you, you quirky boy!!

Reality slap!!! SMACK! This isn't about Bastian, although he's a supporting character-- woo hoo! You'll have to revert back to What A Boy Wants for his story. You can see my review for What A Boy Wants by clicking here.

What A Boy Needs, by Nyrae Dawn is about Jaden, Sebastian's best friend, and how he's damn near too late and just about lost his love date.
He had his chance. But now, the dude's hanging on as an odd wheel. And trying to hold on... to himself. Oh how I flipping loved the interaction between Jaden and Bastian.

Jaden was full of the funnies. Dude could crack some jokes. He was such a cocky fella and I lurved it!! What makes him more special was his sentiment, something I was surprised he had since he didn't get it from his parents. I wanted to jam my fist to his "so called" dad's throat and paralyze his vocal cards. Angry, much? Yes. But, as far as that goes, in the end, I was so happy Jaden found what he was looking for in that aspect.

So, between the "not so cool" home life and the girl/friend that got away, Jaden is crushed on the inside. Oh man. It's a wonder how these young guys can be so vibrant and charming on the outside but so wounded on the inside. As I read what went on in Jaden's mind and how he craved reciprocal feelings from his friend, I became so protective of him. Thank God for Sebastian's mom. If I had to be a momma in a young adult read, I'd want to be her.

I hated, hated, hated that Jaden felt alone. Thing about it is, he really wasn't. You know guys and their pride. Poor darlins'. Even though we have a broken boy here, this story had a lot of wit. So, while they had a few frowns, there were a lot of smiles.

The friendship and support between the characters was true and sweet. Little by little, Jaden was able to express his self. Little by little, he was able to gain trust from the girl he loved. Little by little, he trusted the girl. Little by little, the shame left him. All of that made me a happy reader, but was it enough to make him stay or run?

When Jay was with his friends, when he was himself, I adored his personality. I really would wear him as an earring, just so I could always hear his wit.

I've been on my Nyrae Dawn reading spree for a month now. She writes for everyone. What I love most about her work, is that her stories have the effect of reality, true situations. Her characters think and handle situations just like you or I would. It's like witnessing real moments.

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