Thursday, February 7, 2013

REVIEW ~ Musical Scares by Monique O'Connor James

Musical Scares is a really eerie E short story written by my pal, Monique O’Connor James. The synopsis alone had me wondering if I should even read it. Because I’m a scaredy-cat, and I know Monique’s head. She can come up with some creepy good stuff! But I couldn’t stand not to read it… plus, it gave me a rush- which can be fun when you test your fear.

Six young adults, one haunted house and a melody to remember for the rest of their lives. However short that may be.

When six strangers are joined together to walk through the new haunted house in town, no one is prepared for the coming attractions. Judgments are passed, names are called, and those things just may be the undoing the teens never saw coming.

A freaky mind game with a twisted tune. Would you make it through or fall victim to the Musical Scares?

I can guarantee you next year, if I go to a haunted house, this story will pop back in my memory and I liable bail out in fear. I can tell you two things:

1)   I will never, ever walk into a haunted house again and pass judgment on people. Nah-uh, no sir-eee! IKR?! That would be hard… I mean, I’m only human… but no. After reading this. No! 

2)   I'll never step into a haunted house without an accompanying partner, which I will know. You know… so I wouldn’t feel as bad about throwing them in front of something that freaks me out and then haul ass. Kidding. Maybe not. <-- I'm really kidding. I think.

Cowgirl witnesses horrid events of the strangers she accompanies into the house of musical scares. These events had a strategic purpose and were accustomed to each person, including herself. A sort of morbid fate, maybe?

Props to Mo for cueing in some good music while this poor girl craps her boots and learns a lesson in a very traumatizing way.

You've got to check Monique's work y'all. She's a fantastic indy writer and she'll quickly throw you in her fictional world and loop you around all of her thrilling, plotty twists.

I’d like to also throw out there for all you indy authors—Monique partnered up with some really cool authors and established Bayou Brew Publishing. If you are seeking a small publishing company to represent your book and offers awesome support, then check out their website.

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  1. When I was in Vegas for CES in January, I almost went through Eli Roth's Goreatorium. But I chickened out after one review that basically had me convinced it was terrifying.

    1. No way Michael! Hmmmmm.... Wonder if I ever go back to Vegas, if I could ever tackle the Goreatorium?! That sounds goretastic! Going google it!