Wednesday, January 11, 2012

#SalvatoreWeek I LOVE AURA!!

If I could be any character in a book, I’d choose to be Aura Salvatore from Jeri Smith-Ready’s Shade Series. I’m an avid JSR fan, a dedicated member of #TeamKilt and #AurasArmy, and an everyday stalker of

I’m sure you are thinking along the lines of, “Yeah, she wants to be Aura just so she could mack with Logan Keeley and Zachary Moore.”

And my snarky but sweet response would be, “You forgot to mention Dylan Keeley. You know, the hot younger brother of Logan?”

But in truth, there is more behind Aura than Zach and Logan. As I read Shade and Shift, Jeri made it very easy for me to bond with Aura. She’s feisty, but compassionate and devoted. Plus, Aura had to (and I’m sure she’ll still have to in Shine) endure some pretty horrific tribulations and I felt her pain and struggle. But through it all, it made her strong and courageous. And I’m sure in Shine, she’ll do just that. Aura will shine! She fights for the ones she loves. She fights for what’s right. And THAT makes me LOVE her.

So, I’m going to put myself in Aura’s shoes right now, via Barbie doll props. This is what I’d be doing (even though it’s not in the books) because I’ve wanted to do it for quite a while. (and no, believe it or not, it wouldn’t be ripping off Logan or Zachary or Dylan’s clothes off!)

Scene 1, Take 4: 
Aura pulling Bitchy Becca’s hair and getting ready to put the B in beeotch slappin’ (see her hand swinging in the air?)

Scene 2, Take 2:
After Aura beeotch slapped Bitchy Becca in the face, Becca fell.
Scene 3, Take 1:
Aura full of triumph after she TKO’d Bitchy Becca. See BB’s bloody nose? (It’s really ketchup

So, I had to use my 7 year old daughter’s (Paige) Barbie dolls, and I had to get her to help me, cause I couldn’t hold Barbie dolls and take pics at the same time. In doing this, I had to explain my rated PG excuse as to why we had to stage her Barbies in a cat fight and why I smeared ketchup on BBBB’s (Bitchy- but to Paige I replaced it with Barky) Becca Blondie Barbie) face. Then I had to clarify with Paige that I don’t condone fighting and she is not to practice such acts unless she’s way older and is dating a hot, spicy n’ sweet Zach and some hussy comes along and tries to steal him. She just shot me an “are you really my mother, I’m embarrassed” look.
After all of this rambling to both you, and my 7 year old, I hope you can understand my love for Aura. She is totally worth me losing my mother of the day award! I mean, what mom brings her 7 year old into this? Oh, me!


  1. lmao!!!! It's nice to see BBBB get what she deserves - even if it's in a reenactment!

  2. AAAAAHHHHHHHHh hahahahahahahahahahaha!

  3. Awesomesauce!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Peeing my pants hilarious!!!

    The ketchup!! HAHAHAHAHA!

  5. OMG, were we seriously not following your blog???!!!! Now we are FO SHO! Eeeeek!

  6. Thanks y'all! Seriously, I had a blast putting this together. @Fictitious Delicious.... squeeeeee! Yay!

  7. Oh I thought this would be about the author, R.A. Salvatore.

  8. @Michael Offutt, Visitor from the Future *Giggles* Not at all. Sorry! I guess you were like, "What in the world?!!?" Thanks for 'accidentally' checking it out though ;)

  9. Oh Kim how I love you! This is too hysterical!

  10. OMG, I can't believe I *just* saw this. BEST THING EVA!!!! :D