Tuesday, January 21, 2014

REVIEW ~ Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

Five stunning guys, one hot woman, and a feverish romance...

For him, life is all music and no play...

When Brian Sinclair, lead songwriter and guitarist of the hottest metal band on the scene, loses his creative spark, it will take nights of downright sinful passion to release his pent-up genius...

She's the one to call the tune...

When sexy psychologist Myrna Evans goes on tour with the Sinners, every boy in the band tries to seduce her. But Brian is the only one she wants to get her hands on...

Then the two lovers' wildly shocking behavior sparks the whole band to new heights of glory... and sin...

Stop, drop and ROCK N’ ROLL!! Aaaah! First of all, the dedication in this book had me in chills!! I'm a Pantara fan- so the dedication alone had much meaning to me. "Gates of Hell"? Very clever! So, cheers Olivia Cunning to a little combo of Cowboys from Hell and Cemetery Gates.

"On stage, on tour, in bed, they'll rock your world..." And Backstage Pass, the first book in the Sinners on Tour series will do just that. I promise. In fact, I’ve read the first five books in this series back to back thus far. And every single one of the books lives up to that quote. (A HUGE thank you to my girls Jennifer Strand and Janette Derucki for recommending this series to me.)

I am a rocker chick, rock star wanna be. Hell, in my next life- if I can't be in a rock band, maybe I could at least be Myrna. And that's who I was as I read Backstage Pass. It was me as Myrna, and Brian and his guitar-- and a bed. What a wild and sexy read and a sinfully, kinky journey!

Rock stars have feelings too, although rock stars themselves can be deceiving. Don't let their stereotypical persona mislead your thoughts of them. They spend their lives entertaining their fans, whether on the road or in the music studio. They need love and inspiration too. It's what helps them keep their humanity and compassion. Romance isn’t hopeless for these rock stars. And that was the whole premise behind the Sinners on Tour books. For each band mate to find their love. While the band mates were hard core, they looked after and supported each other. So, while these books are full of erotica, it isn’t just about the sex. Their journey to finding love and the relationship building and background of these characters is really something special to read about.

Holy mother of sin! I just picture Brian Sinclair on his back, splayed across that table in the beginning chapter. The attraction between Brian and Myrna had my heart racing in lust. Their sex had me in primal screams.

Even though Myrna had expertise in sensuality, it didn't help her timid presence. Or the berating voice in her head. She was professionally focused on her career, and not finding a boyfriend. Myrna was scared to love, and Brian, the lead guitarist in Sinners just wanted to be loved.

Myrna was the savior to Brian's feelings and success. He was the redemption to her self-doubt. But it wasn't easy. It took a lot of work, chemistry, and trust. She gave him rhythm, he gave her hope. Their intimacy equaled Brian's muse. I love, love, loved Cunning's descriptives in this book. Her snarky connotations had me in giggles. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters. Obviously, I loved the band. I had a crush on every one of them- each in their own way. Myrna was tactfully blunt and I adored her eagerness. She was reserved and classy, yet sassy. She was naughty, yet nice. Confident, but insecure. A babe of voyeurism.

This book was greatness- it was so raw, witty, and right on. I whole heartedly enjoyed the whole idea of this read, and I look forward to continue touring with Sinners in book 2, Rock Hard. Which band member will I be with next? No preference here. ;) I mean, they totally made me weak all up in my knees.

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