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REVIEW: Mindjack Origins 1-3 by Susan Kaye Quinn

Mind Games (Mindjack Origins #1) (prequel to Open Minds)

Raf, a regular mindreader, is in love with Kira, the only girl in school who can't read minds. Raf struggles to keep his thoughts about her private, but secrets are something that only zeros like Kira can keep. As he works up the nerve to ask Kira to the mindware Games, his friends have other games in mind for him.

*Mind Games is a short story (5,000 words or 15 pages).


I absolutely loved Open Minds, but Mind Games was so much fun to read. To actually get inside Raf's head, and see how he was really feeling and what he was really thinking about Kira was awesome! This is one that you can read either before or after Open Minds without ruining anything. It's technically a prequel, so if you haven't read Open Minds yet, go ahead and read this one first. If you have read Open Minds, and I really hope you have, you definitely don't want to miss the chance to get Raf's perspective. It was a quick read that was more than worth the time! And it made me even more of a Raf fan.

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The Handler (Mindjack Origins #2) (between Open Minds and Closed Hearts)

It's time for Julian Navarro to fulfill the mission left to him by his dead parents: to spark a revolution that would allow mindjackers to live freely in a mindreading world. While his ability allows him to mentally control the instincts of others, Julian wants to win jackers to his cause with words, not weapons. But when his first recruit has a secret--and bloody--history, Julian has to decide how far he'll go to ensure his revolution isn't snuffed out before it starts.

*The Handler is a short novella (9,000 words or 30 pages).

Julian is a new character introduced in Closed Hearts, and I liked him immediately. Even though I wasn't exactly sure what he was trying to accomplish. But that is Julian's specialty! He's a charmer. Well, he has a brilliant way with words, although, it doesn't really work so well with Kira. But that's neither here nor there. The Handler takes place between Open Minds and Closed Hearts, but don't read it before you've read both Open Minds and Closed Hearts. It does contain some spoilers.

I really liked this short story because I got to see inside Julian's head. In Closed Hearts I was constantly asking myself if this guy was for real, because lets face it, Kira's had some pretty bad luck with jackers. But in The Handler we see more of where Julian is coming from. We learn more about his history and his relationship with his sister Anna. We see his passion and his weakness and I totally fell for him. He's so kind hearted. You certainly don't want to miss this one!
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The Scribe (Mindjack Origins #3) (between Open Minds and Closed Hearts)
Twenty-three-year-old Sasha is in search of a mindjacking Clan that won’t force him to use his unique skill—he can’t face the prospect of erasing any more souls. A revolutionary Clan leader offers him a chance to serve a higher purpose, but Sasha’s wary that it’s only a trick to use his ability. When a beautiful female jacker seeks refuge with them, and her former Clan leader wants her special skill back at any cost, Sasha has to decide if there are any causes worth the cost of using his ability one more time.

 *The Scribe is a short novella (12,000 words or 40 pages)
Now this one is my FAVORITE of the short stories! I pretty much wasn't much of a fan of Sasha in Closed Hearts. The Scribe completely changed my mind about him! In this story we learn just what Sasha does exactly and how he ended up with Julian. There's a very important history here, and I have to admit, Sasha completely won me over!
I learned so many important things about him like why he's so protective of Ava, what happens in his head when he scribes, and how he actually feels about using his power. I enjoyed every word, and I am most looking forward to his part in Free Souls. Another bonus of The Scribe? We learn more about Ava!
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