Friday, September 28, 2012

REVIEW- Anna Dressed In Blood By Kendare Blake

You can view the synopsis for Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake by clicking the title (via Goodreads).
Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1)

First of all... what a super spooky, grotesque read- a story of guts splattered, lives taken, lives spared, avengeance, and love blossoming. It was goretastic. I listened to this story, narrated by August Ross, written by Kendare Blake while on my commute back and forth to and from work. On one occasion, I almost plowed into the back of a car because I was visioning guts pouring out of a stomach instead of someone's brake lights, lol! Oh well, I guess they are both red.

Anna Dressed In Blood had an interesting take on ghosts gone bad. Most of them didn't even know they were dead. They all pretty much had one thing in common. Retribution for their death. Best thing you could do... stay away from them. Don't go where you have no bizzzznaaas, cuz you will straight up get popped. Most people didn't even know they existed until they met up with one and the ghost made potted meat out of them.

But there was this guy, Theseus Cassio Lowood- er, call him Cas for short. Cas wasn't your typical friendly, high school dude. He was a loner and had no desire to establish relationships because he moved around so much. Here's the thing though (even tho he was an ass at times- but hey, I'm sure killing things that are already dead ain't easy.), he was special... was mortal, had game and would throw a slur or bust out a name call. His thought process rocked. And he will straight up kick a ghost's ass and send them to the afterlife with his gadgety knife. With that said, the boy had a challenge on his hands with a certain 'dead goddess'.

And Anna, poor, poor Anna. The girl had a cruel, vischous death. No wonder she went all haywire and made blood and intestines sling. All she wanted was to wear a pretty, white dress and go to a dance. She was a good girl and that wasn't too much to ask, right? Can Cas give her what she wanted most?

For the record, if I were a character in this story, I'd be crapping my pants every time I blinked!

Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake makes a spooktacular read for the month of October!



  1. I loved how creepy this book was! I bet it was great on audio.

  2. This books freakin' gave me nightmares! I am not the sort of person who likes scary things, but I was told over and over again I should try it. Well, I did. I actually liked it heaps more than I thought I would, but it still scared me witless. Great review! :)