Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Team Kilt Giveaway Hop

Sweet Jiminy Crickets!!! The Young Adult Crush Tournament is live and a rollin' ----- WITH OUR BOY THAT WE LOVE TO LOVE, Zachary Moore from the Shade Trilogy by Jeri Smith-Ready. You can read Living Fictitiously's reviews on Shade, Shift, and Shine by clicking the titles. #TeamKilt has our NFF gear on and is ready to give Will a run for his crush worthyness! Soooo, do whatevs you have to do to get to an internet source and click this HERE (The YA Sisterhood) and VOTE the totally irresistable, sincere, suave, handsome as all get out, heart warming, gosh you are so hot I could hump a bagpipe lad, Zachary Moore. Tell everyone you know and tell them to tell everyone they know. Snatch some one's smart phone when they aren't looking, to vote- if you have to. Well, not really- but maybe.

Be sure to follow all of the Shade Trilogy characters on twitter along with the stunningly, terrific TWU, Jeri Smith-Ready, and the amazingly, wonderful Zachary Moore advocates Amy and Jen of Fictitious Delicious.

Zachary Moore
Logan Keely
Aura Salvatore
Martin Connelly
Jeri Smith-Ready
Fictish Delish

And... constantly check Jeri's blog and website for Team Kilt incentives and all of the goodies. Also, in support of Zachary and in memory of Jeri's beloved dog, Meadow- you can find a lovely post and donation information here.

Since I was so last minute in preparing this post to participate in the hop hosted by Karen from For What It's Worth (@TeamSheltie), I've decided instead of doing a giveaway of my own, that I'd make custom Shade trilogy bookmarks for the winners (limit one winner per blog) in each blog participating in the giveaway hop. Be sure to click HERE to find out about and enter participating blogs.You can find their links by clicking their title. Be sure to enter their giveaways in order to win a bookmark. I will contact each blog participating in regards to their winner so I can ship bookmark.

Have fun Team Kilt and best wishes!!



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