Wednesday, December 14, 2011

REVIEW- The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

You can review the synopsis for The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson (via Goodreads) by clicking on the title.

First of all, I have to exclaim that The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson is my favorite stand alone, YA contemporary novel thus far. The story was extremely well written and had fantastic descriptive dialogue. There was grief, there was desire, there was conflict, there was closure, then there was gratification. This novel completely swept me off my feet. It was amazingly captivating. So much emotion. I cried because I was grief stricken and I cried because I was filled with joy. (Have a box of tissues on standby.) If you interrupted me while I was reading… I wanted to CHUNK something at you.

Second of all…. BAT, BAT, BAT!!! I wanna marry a Fontaine boy in my next life! Luckily in this life, I am married to a guy named Toby! SCORE!

Heathcliff loving Lennie suffers the unexpected loss of her sister that she absolutely adores. Since her sister’s funeral, Lennie is suddenly boy crazy. She writes memories and past convo’s she had with her sister on random pieces of scrap paper, then she buries them, or trashes them, or they’ll fly away in the wind. I felt her loss; choked up each time I read these and in the end, I felt her happiness, and I smiled.  

(*WARNING, after reading description about said boy, you are likely to become Joelirious! It’s a condition most of us suffer from.) A new student, American born, French raised, musically inclined, full of whoa hotness, super long eyelashes over bright green eyes, brown curly hair and last, but definitely not least, a luminous smile- Joe Fontaine arrives at Lennie’s school. He and Lennie meet. She immediately wonder’s what it would be like to kiss him. AND SO DO I!!

Oh dears… we haz a problem! So, Lennie’s sister… that died, well, she had a boyfriend, Toby. He is/was a devoted boyfriend who is up there on the LUST O METER and has surfer hair, and is a skater cowboy (seriously) AND he er… has quite a package.  Like Lennie, he mourns the girl he loved. Well, he and Lennie hang out for the first time after her sister’s death… and well, something rather unexpected happens.

Lennie mourns. Lennie experiences guilt. Lennie’s torn between two boys. One who helps her hold on to memories, one who helps her progress forward.

Oh, and beeee careful when you enter Gram’s garden full of aphrodisiactic roses!

You don’t want to miss out on reading The Sky is Everywhere, a truly beautiful story of grief and what it takes for Lennie to overcome it.

I give The Sky is Everywhere 5 eyelash batting stars!


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