Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Author Interview: Annie Oldham, THE BURN

Please join me in welcoming Annie Oldham, author of THE BURN to the blog today.

Thanks so much for joining us Annie!
To start off, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I'm a mother and a wife. Those are the two most important jobs I have right now. I have two young daughters and they are feisty to say the least! They keep me on my toes. Writing came as a way to stay sane for me. It's my own little world away from the craziness that can take over my house.
I can totally understand how writing would be an escape for you! We all need our little escapes. :)
Can you tell us a little bit about The Burn and what it’s about for those out there who haven’t heard of it yet?
The Burn was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's “A Little Mermaid.” The original fairy tale is much darker than the Disney version, so you'll be disappointed if you're expecting musical numbers and happy endings! It's the story of a girl who's not happy living a regimented life in a colony at the bottom of the ocean and would do anything to find a way out. She pays a pretty hefty price to escape, and while the Burn (what the colonists call the land) isn't everything she dreamed it would be—in fact it's pretty nightmarish—she finds out a lot about herself, she finds love, and she finds friends. Though it's not always a convenient package.
I really loved Terra! What 5 words would you use to describe her?

Brave, kind, determined, na├»ve (hey, she's lived at the bottom of the ocean her whole life—she has a lot of learning to do), and free

Can you tell us a little about what you have planned for Terra in the future? Will there be a series and if so, do you know how many books will be involved?

Right now I have plans for one more book, which should be out in the fall of 2012. It'll pick pick up just a few months after The Burn ended, and yes, sweet Jack plays a big part. I don't have a third book planned, but after the second, we'll see if Terra needs more of her story told.

I cannot wait to find out what happens! I'm kind of a fan (a really big fan) of Jack!

What are your favorite kinds of scenes to write (humorous, action-packed, romantic, etc.) and why?
Though it changes depending on the day and my mood, most often I like writing action scenes. I just like scenes where things happen. I like the excitement.
What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I love singing and playing the piano, I like running, and I love watching movies with my hubby.
Where and in what type of setting do you like to write?
My computer is smack between my family room and my kitchen. Some day I will have a dedicated office for writing, but now it's easier to keep an eye on the kiddos when I'm out in the thick of it all.
What are the first three YA books that come to mind when you think of The Burn?
The Hunger Games, Divergent, and and...hmm...I'm kind of drawing a blank.
What writer, book, or series has been a big inspiration to you and your writing?
I love Shannon Hale. She's a master of beautiful language that doesn't overwhelm a story. Also Robin McKinley. She writes stories that are laced with the everyday. It makes for such fantastical stories that seem so grounded in reality.
What was the last book you read that you really fell in love with or that blew your mind?
I recently read Robin McKinley's Deerskin. It's an amazing story of a young woman's redemption after being horrifically abused by her father. So I both loved it and it blew my mind :)
What are you reading right now and what book(s) have you had your eye on lately but haven’t gotten to read yet?
I'm reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver. It's so well-written so far, though I'm on page 200 and waiting for something a little bigger to happen.
If you could be asked any question, what would that be? What would your answer be?
I love your books! Where can I find out more?

You love my books? Why thank you! I'm so glad you read them. You can go to my web site (www.annieoldham.com) to find out more.

(Totally cheesy, I know, but you don't understand the euphoria I get when people take the time to tell me they like my books. It makes the hard work of an author totally worth it. Because let's face it, if no one reads it, I'm not really an author.)

Not cheesy at all! If I were an author I would feel the same way! Thanks so much for answering our questions today Annie!

You guys can read my review of The Burn HERE. I absolutely loved it! Did I mention I like Jack? :) Well, I do!
You can find Annie in the following places (in addition to her website listed above):

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