Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Well, it's official. Halloween is here and tomorrow brings November. NOVEMBER! I can't believe it. Anyway, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend full of Halloween fun. I know we had a blast at a party. Here are some photo memories for you guys.
Here's my husband with our host: Zombie Chris.
Here's a group shot. We have pumpkin-head-scarecrow-guy, a zombie, and Daniel and me as a bad economy. (Get it, we couldn't afford costumes) Cheesy, I know.

Pumpkin-head-scarecrow-guy had these fake rats hanging around him. He gave me my new friend here. I named his Ricky the Rat. We became good friends.

Kim and her husband did better than we did. They made EXCELLENT zombies. I wish my #cyberBFF and I could have celebrated together. That would have been one rockin' party!

And, Just in time for Halloween and in honor of the #WVMP Radio Series (By: Jeri-Smith Ready) Read Along, here is a video that Kim created dedicated to the super hot Shane McAllister!

So, I hope you enjoyed my little recap. Everyone stay safe tonight if you are going to be trick-or-treating. I will have to make the dreaded WAL-MART trip after work today to make sure I have candy for the kiddos.

Britney & Kim 

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