Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Ok, I am super excited about this book! I mean, just look at that fabulous cover! If that cover doesn't suck you in, the synopsis will...


What you can’t see might be murder.

Winter stops hiding Tricia Farni on Good Friday

 When a truck plunges through the thinning ice of Alaska’s Birch River, Tricia’s body floats to the surface– dead since the night she disappeared six months earlier.
The night Roswell Hart fought with her.
The night Roz can’t remember.
Missing things is nothing new to sixteen-year-old Roz. She has macular degeneration, an eye disease that robs her central vision. She’s constantly piecing together what she sees– or thinks she sees–but this time her memory needs piecing together. How can Roz be sure of the truth if her own memory has betrayed her? Can she clear her name of a murder that she believes she didn’t commit?

See what I mean!?! And if that wasn't enough, you can now watch the fabulous book trailer!

The trailer for Blind Spot was produced by Vania Stoyanova at VLC Productions. Laura Ellen's 14-year-old son James composed and performed the music for the trailer with Steve 'Oz' Osburn. It was recorded in Muruga Booker's Sage Court Studios.
So, Laura is running a special contest, and get this, YOU COULD WIN A SIGN HARDCOVER OF BLIND SPOT! You can find the details below.
What’s Your ‘Blind Spot’? Contest (International):

In Blind Spot, Roz has a visual impairment that makes her feel insecure. As a result, she becomes so obsessed with proving she is 'normal' that she loses sight of everything else-- including
clues to a murder.

What's your blind spot? Was it getting on the cheer squad? Is it losing weight? Have you ever wanted something so bad that, like Roz, you lost or almost lost something or someone important to you?

Share it and you could win a signed hardcover of Blind Spot and the chance to have your 'blind spot' story posted on October 26th during Laura Ellen’s blog tour. Some of your favorite authors will be sharing their stories too!
To enter go to Laura Ellen’s website www.lauraellenbooks.com and fill out the contest form any time between October 2nd and midnight EST October 16, 2012
Don't want to wait to see if you win? Well then Pre-Order today! Blind Spot will be available on Oct. 23rd in Kindle, Nook and Hardcover format!

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