Friday, June 29, 2012

BLOG TOUR: Burn Mark by Laura Powell

An action-packed drama full of East End gangs, witches, and a modern day Inquisition.

In a modern world where witches are hunted down and burned at the stake, two lives intersect. Glory is from a family of witches, and is desperate to develop her 'Fae' powers and become a witch herself, though witch-activity carries a threat of being burned at the stake. Lucas is the son of the Chief Prosecutor for the Inquisition with a privileged life very different from the witches he is being trained to prosecute. And then one day, both Gloryand Lucas develop the Fae. In one fell stroke, their lives are inextricably bound together.

Publisher:Bloomsbury Children's Books
Pub Date:June 19, 2012

“Crime noir meets paranormal romance in this addictive thriller … Political intrigue and class warfare, inquisitorial office and coven politics are densely detailed without overwhelming the characters or slowing the pace as the narrative builds to a tense climax so cinematic that readers will find themselves mentally casting the film version. This smart, stylish series opener raises the bar for paranormal fiction, leaving readers impatient for the next installment.”—Kirkus Reviews(starred)
My Thoughts:
This was really an amazingly interesting read. I enjoy books where the author incorporates the supernatural into history and makes it common knowledge. Powell has created a parallel world in which witchcraft, also known as “the fae,” is a known trait. She’s developed an entire witch history. It’s brilliant really, and she’s done a fantastic job of developing this world. Her two main characters, Lucas and Glory, are fantastic as well.

Lucas is the son of a High Inquisitor and has plans to become one as well.  He has a history when it comes to witches, but also a healthy respect. His background and attitude match pretty well, and when he is suddenly forced into a new path in life involving the fae his reaction is noble but also character building. When he meets Glory, his entire perspective is altered.

Glory is the total opposite of Lucas. She’s rough around the edges, was raised in a criminally inclined coven, and has no love for the Inquisition. Glory cannot wait to get the fae. Powell does a great job of developing her character. Glory’s dialect reflects her upbringing and is in sharp contrast to Lucas’s. Even the description of Glory’s appearance with her badly dyed hair, ragged clothing, and bright lipstick matches her station. It’s just always better when a character’s entire persona is accurate.

Overall, the story was well developed and interesting. I’d definitely recommend this read to fans of the supernatural and crime dramas. It’s not a love story, although there is definitely the possibility of a love element developing.

LAURA POWELL spent most of her childhood with her nose in a book. She went on to study Classics at Bristol and Oxford, and then spent five years working in the editorial departments of both adult and children's publishers. Laura is the author of two thrillers for teen readers, Game of Triumphs and Master of Misrule.

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  1. Oh I love paranormal historical stuff! You know it takes serious creativity as well as research. Great review. I don't read many crime dramas, but this one sounds interesting.